Top 5 Caterers In California And A Few Honorable Mentions

By admin / August 17, 2021

California is home to some of the best professional catering companies in the US. Some companies are even spearheaded by legendary restauranteurs. If you choose one of these caterers, your planned event is going to be anything but routine and ordinary. Here are the top 5 caterers in California and a few extra bonus picks. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary, planning a graduation party, putting together a wedding, or you have some other event planned, these caterers have your back.

There is no celebrity chef with more clout than Wolfgang Puck. He is the original, the real deal. His catering company, based out of Los Angeles, also provides services in other cities as well. While Wolfgang Puck himself is not going to be present at your event, his tasty creations will be. Have you tried one of his famous pizzas before? Did you know that he is the caterer each year for The Oscars? Having his company cater for your planned event makes all the difference.

In Westlake Village, CA, there is a well-known catering service called Pierre’s Catering Company. If you are a vegetarian or want a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu, Pierre’s Catering Company is at your service. This catering service is great for all kinds of special events, including themed parties, holiday gatherings, business brunches, special meetings, and much more. Private dinner parties are also their specialty.

Out of San Diego CA hails Toast Catering, a company whose owners are extremely familiar with the city’s restaurant scene. They have worked in quite a few of them over the years. They turned their culinary knowledge into a top-notch catering business that is well-known for handling special celebrations. All food is cooked on-site, too, so that guarantees everything is fresh. It just doesn’t get any better than Toast Catering.

Omni Catering in Santa Barbara is the 4th selection. This company is specifically known for catering weddings. If you are in the Santa Barbara area, and you are planning a wedding, you want to place a call to Omni Catering. Be sure to call well in advance since many people book them for weddings. The photogenic food this catering service provides is dressed to impress. The menu is quite inspiring and diverse. See why so many wedding planners utilize the services of Omni Catering in Santa Barbara.

In Napa Valley, Elaine Bell Catering is the top dog. Napa Valley is quite the destination, and weddings are often held there. You have quite a few cuisine choices when you count on Elaine Bell Catering. This company is known for its special touches, too. For example, the bride and groom do not eat at the wedding, right? Well, this catering service provides picnic baskets for them. It is the subtle gestures and experience planning these types of events that make all the difference. That is what puts Elaine Bell Catering at the top of the pack.

Honorable Mentions

Now that you know the top 5 California catering companies, it is time to pick a few honorable mentions. Depending on where you are located and the type of event you are planning, it helps to have as many names as possible. Of course, you want to pick one of the best catering services. The companies on the list of honorable mentions just barely missed the top five, so they are right for the occasion.

SMP Catering is known for using locally sourced organic ingredients. Not only is the food going to be fresh and delicious, but the farm-to-table slant hits home with many consumers. Naturally, being congruent with a company’s environmental goals is one thing, but you want to be sure the catered food is up to par. SMP Catering does not disappoint. On top of servicing Los Angeles, the catering company also provides its services to residents of LA county.

As You Wish Catering is another important honorable mention, and it is located in Tahoe CA. This company is known for covering the entire spectrum. They cater casual events with tight budgets all the way up to elegant events with everything but the kitchen sink. Bring your culinary dreams to life, and work up an appetite as you get ready to count on As You Wish Catering to help you with your event.

Tres LA is in Los Angeles CA, and it is another great honorable mention. This company is very trendy with its variations of popular entrees. Tres LA can tweak the menu to be more vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and they can also help with gluten-free menu options. This catering company is actually a favorite of many celebrities.

Final Thoughts

These five California catering companies and three honorable mentions are impressive. Which one of them are you going to choose to impress your guests? Think about the event you are planning and which catering company in your area best fits the bill.


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