On a Roll: 11 Top Tips for Collecting Dice

By admin / August 18, 2021

Are you getting into the exciting hobby of collecting dice? Are you wanting to learn some tips and tricks that’ll bring your collection to the next level?

The best thing about dice is that they’re a collectible that makes it easy to get started. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, which lets you customize your collection to suit your style.

If you’re new to the world of dice or you’re looking for some advice on how to expand your growing collection, keep reading. We’ll go through all the best tips for collecting dice down below!

1. Understand Dice Collecting Lingo

Before you start trying to buy or trade for dice, it’s important to know the specific lingo that goes into it. There are certain terms that you’ll want to understand so you don’t end up buying the wrong thing. It’ll also make it easier for you to communicate with other dice enthusiasts.

The most useful terms to remember include:

  • WTB which means ‘want to buy’
  • WTS which means ‘want to sell’
  • WTT which means ‘want to trade’
  • FLGS which means ‘friendly local game store’
  • ISO which means ‘in search of’
  • OOP which means ‘out of print’

Other types of lingo depend on the specific dice you’re wanting, such as the material or effects of the dice. However, as a beginner, knowing the terms listed above will take you far in your search for the perfect dice set!

2. Look for Unique Materials

Did you know that dice come in all kinds of materials? Plastic is the most common and the one we’re used to seeing, but there are more interesting materials available as well.

Metal is a type of dice that’s growing in popularity for its sturdy structure and smooth finish. Wooden dice aren’t very common, but the wood texture creates a gorgeous base for a dice set. The Easy Roller Dice stone dice collection uses natural stone patterns to create stunning pieces.

Glass, crystal, and soapstone are always beautiful choices, but you need to be careful if you plan to use them for gaming. Make sure you get an appropriate dice tray to suit the dice you use or else you’ll end up damaging them.

3. Only Buy What You Enjoy

It’s easy to feel like you need to buy all the dice you see because you want to grow your collection as fast as possible. There are so many different dice sets on the market that it’s overwhelming to keep track of them all.

When you’re learning how to collect dice, you want to focus only on dice that spark inspiration. Take a day or two and think over the purchase. If you’re still thinking about that dice set, then chances are good that it’s the perfect match for you.

If you enjoy buying grab bags full of mixed dice because you love the element of surprise, then do that instead. There’s never a right or wrong way to collect dice.

Always go with the method that gives you the most joy. This way, you’re building your collection in a way that’ll bring you happiness for years to come!

4. Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better

One of the best dice collecting tips to keep in mind is that an expensive dice set doesn’t always mean a good dice set. It’s important that you take time to research sellers and make certain that you know what you’re buying.

If the seller isn’t reputable, it’s sometimes possible to find the same dice set for a much lower price. Sometimes the product is worth the extra money, but you want to ensure that you’re not overpaying.

At the end of the day, the price of dice doesn’t matter. All that matters is the fact that the dice interest you and it’ll make a great addition to your collection. Paying a few dollars for dice you love is a much better investment than paying a lot for something you don’t care about.

5. Search Through Local Businesses

There’s an endless supply of dice on the web, but don’t neglect your local game shops and thrift stores. They’ll hold plenty of interesting dice that you won’t find anywhere else.

The cool thing about going to a physical store for your dice is that you get to see the dice in person and hold it in your hand before you buy it. This lets you know its quality and if you enjoy it as much as you’d hoped.

The best part is that you won’t have to wait for it to arrive before adding it to your collection!

6. Share the Wealth

Do you have so many dice that you don’t know what to do with them all? Do you have a lot of mixed dice that don’t match the rest of your collection?

When it comes to a collection, it’s easy to end up with more than you anticipated. Some people love having bags full of dice, but others feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount they’ve collected.

The good news is that dice make perfect gifts for family and friends. They’re small, useful, and fun. Something that you might not enjoy could be a dice set that your friend loves.

Whenever you run into dice that don’t suit your collection, pass them on to a loved one. You might even inspire your little sister to start a collection of her own someday!

7. Vary the Sizes and Shapes

If you worry that your dice collection looks a little boring, try adding dice that use different sizes or unconventional shapes. Although the standard size is the most useful in an actual game, a collection needs variety to come to life.

Without contrast in color, shape, and size, all of your beautiful dice start to lose their individuality. Instead, try to find a whole variety of different dice to add to your collection.

Not only does this bring necessary contrast to your collection, but it also allows each of the dice sets to shine with their unique charm.

8. Stay Organized

When you’ve been dice collecting for years, you’ll come to realize that you need a lot of space and organization to keep it looking good. It’s also important because you don’t want to accidentally lose one of your favorite dice and never realize it until it’s too late.

By implementing an organizational system for your dice, you’ll always know what you have and where it is at any time.

This way, when you want a specific set for a game, it’s easy to grab it and play without any problems. Bead organizers are a great starting point for dice organization, but any method does the trick in a pinch.

9. Find Fun Display Methods

Once you have a collection, the next natural step is to want to show it off. There are countless ways to display your dice and it all comes down to personal preference.

Many collectors like to use glass bottles or vases to store the dice and let them shine through the transparent case. Some enjoy leaving them spread out in a pattern on a shelf. Others prefer to have an entire drawer dedicated to their dice.

Try to find a fun way to display your dice that shows off your personality!

10. Create a Story With Your Dice

Do you plan to use your dice to play D&D or other story-based games? Why not make a collection of dice dedicated to each of your characters?

This not only makes the collection process more fun, but it also gives you a chance to look for dice sets you might have ignored otherwise. Instead of searching for dice in colors or shapes you enjoy, you’ll think about what kind of dice represents your character. These kinds of dedicated dice sets make it easier to step inside a character’s shoes whenever you roleplay.

Take some time to think about the stories you’ll create when buying a new set of dice.

11. Trust Your Judgment

There are so many places to buy, sell, and trade dice these days. You’ll always want to use your own judgment before committing to anything.

If the price seems too good to be true, it’s best to look for something more realistic. You don’t want this cool hobby to turn into something that causes you frustration and anger.

Find yourself a friendly community with which to interact. They’ll help you find the best dice on the market without any risks and they’ll share extra helpful tips in the process.

Plus, it’s rewarding to make friends who are into collecting dice as well!

Collecting Dice Opens a World of Fun Possibilities

With this guide, collecting dice becomes even more exciting. You have all the knowledge you need to start a collection that’s both beautiful and impressive.

Every dice set you buy is full of potential. Will it be the set that becomes your centerpiece? Will it inspire a new character or story?

Start collecting some dice and see where it takes you!

Make sure to check out the rest of our Hobbies section for all the latest trends in dice collecting and more!

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