Things to Do When You Face Unexpected Problems During the Wedding

By admin / April 16, 2019


While planning your wedding, you already face a lot of problems. Some obstacles are quite easy to overcome while others are tricky. The worst part is that these challenges will continue even during your wedding day. You might think that you have already planned all the details, but you will still face unexpected issues. As such, you need to be smart and do the right thing.

Weather changes

You cannot do anything when it suddenly rains, and you are going to have an outdoor wedding. The best way for you to overcome this problem is by checking the weather predictions. These days, the weather forecast is more accurate than it used to be. You will know weeks ahead if there is a chance of it raining on your wedding day. Another option is to look for a place with both an outdoor and an indoor venue. It is easy to move everything into an enclosed area if it is impossible to hold the wedding outdoors.

Chaotic children

Weddings will not be complete without kids. They are cute, and they will run around during the ceremony especially when their role is over. You cannot stop kids from being kids, but you can inform their parents to be responsible for managing them. You can also set up an area where kids can play around while the ceremony is going on so they will not cause a disturbance.

Uninvited guests

You determine how many people are going to the event months ahead so you can choose the right venue. After sending out the invites, you ask for an RSVP from everyone you invited. You can plan the entire wedding based on the number of people who confirmed attendance. However, you might still see some uninvited guests showing up at the wedding. You need to have somebody to take care of the guests. It also helps if you have extra tables for those who showed up even without confirming their attendance. You do not want drama just because you ask them to go away. There might be some guests though who will be there to cause a scene intentionally. You already know who these people could be. Therefore, you need to inform the people you assigned to welcome the guests to block the person right away from entering the venue at all costs.

Uncooperative bridesmaids

Wedding rehearsals are quite common so that everyone knows what to do during the wedding. Bridesmaids usually turn up during the rehearsal while others will only be there during the wedding day. It is okay if they are busy during practice and could not show up. However, they need to be quick on the wedding day in receiving instructions. If they are uncooperative, you might have to consider removing a bridesmaid from your entourage. You do not need more problems during the wedding. Besides, there is no mandatory number of bridesmaids to have anyway.

Repair issues with your wedding vehicle

You definitely do not want to face this problem since it will delay everything. You need to carry your phone on your way to the wedding and call someone else to pick you up right away. It does not matter even if it is a different car. The point is for you to arrive at the venue on time. You can avoid this problem though by choosing wedding transport from a reliable car rental company. They will also help send a backup vehicle if there is any problem.

Do not panic in any of these situations and stay composed.

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