The Healthy Way of Getting Tipsy

By admin / April 18, 2019


Alcohol is widely used as a social lubricant, and also as a way for many people to temporarily escape the stresses and challenges of everyday life. The feeling of comfort and calm produced by drinking alcohol is explained scientifically as alcohol stimulating the release of endorphins and dopamine, known as the pleasure chemical within the brain. This brain-play is the reason why alcohol is enjoyed by so many people. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why many people end up abusing alcohol.

Health risks of too much consumption

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to chronic diseases, serious health problems, or even death. The heart is the most exposed part in terms of the effect of alcohol consumption. It also affects the function and chemistry of the brain, which leads to alcohol addiction. Cases of kidney and liver failure are also being attributed to too much drinking of alcohol. Despite these facts, alcoholic beverages remain one of the most bought beverages in the world.

Drinking occasionally is healthy

Before its massive commercialisation, alcoholic drinks were mainly used for medicinal purposes. They have healthy ingredients such as fermented grain, honey, and fruit juice. The fermentation process also gives alcoholic drinks a high antiseptic quality.

The medicinal value of alcoholic drinks was the main reason for their popularity in the past, secondary only to its viability as a beverage. One example of this is Gin, which is used for the treatment of ailments of the stomach, liver, and kidneys. And of course red wine, which helps the circulation of blood. But the negative effects of alcoholic drinks far outweigh the benefits which it why it is hard for medical professionals to agree on the positive effects of drinking alcohol.

The innovative approach to marketing alcoholic drinks and beverages

Decreasing consumption has never become an option for alcohol drink makers and lovers. They innovate it further for a better look and taste and even give it a healthy blend. Ever heard of a Hot Toddy (combination of hot water, lemon, and whisky) that helps relieve congestion? Or a Cough Kicker (combination of honey, nutmeg, ginger, and brandy) used to treat coughs, sore throats and loosen chest mucus.

The most daring innovation in giving a tipsy-feeling is this plant-based, alcohol-free, social elixir of It has 11 plant-based ingredients that provide almost the same effect as alcohol in the body. This spirit is a product of years of experimenting with different plants and their components until it reached the perfect mixture. It is the first and only non-alcoholic drink that stimulates pleasure as alcohol does. But since it is an elixir, it spares drinkers from getting a hangover.

Drink moderately at all times

Over drinking not only leads to health issues but also to accidents, which have caused the deaths of many people. That is why there is an aggressive public reminder of what amount of alcohol intake is acceptable and tolerable. To control this abusive intake, governments have implemented stricter policies to regulate the public in regard to drinking. But in the end, whatever reasons you have for wanting to get tipsy, it is still best to consume alcohol in moderation.

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