The Top Factors You Should Consider when Selecting a Personal Trainer

By admin / January 6, 2020

Now that you have decided that a personal trainer is your best ally towards achieving your fitness and wellness goals, kudos to you! It could well be one of the most important decisions you will ever make; health is wealth, and if you are healthy and fit, you can enjoy your life and reap all the rewards of your efforts. But if you are working with a professional trainer, know that this person will be there through every step to guide and direct you towards the proper path so you can achieve long-term results. This is why it’s particularly important to select the right personal trainer. So how then can you select the right personal trainer? Here are the top factors you should consider when selecting a personal trainer.

1. The right amount of experience

There are no ifs or buts about the whole thing – you will need a personal trainer with the right amount of experience. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so a personal trainer who already has a lot of experience under their belt will most likely have the right methods and processes to help you achieve the best results. You don’t want to be with a personal trainer who is still on ‘trial and error’ mode; you want someone who can help you maximize your time spent working out. So someone with experience will count for a lot.

2. Determine their personality

To choose the proper personal trainer, you have to get a feel for their personality as well. Some of us prefer a kind of ‘cheerleader’, someone who will encourage us with positive reinforcement. But some prefer a more critical approach complete with ‘scare tactics’ reminiscent of boot camp – so it’s vital that you know which approach you want. Either way, you have to talk to your prospective personal trainer and get a real feel for what they are like and how they will approach your objectives. It’s essential that you are comfortable with your personal trainer – they are your ally in your fitness journey, after all.

3. Determine the cost

It’s also essential to determine your budget when it comes to your personal trainer. The right experience, philosophy, and personality can go a long way in changing your personal trainer’s rates, and the difference can extend to more than a few hundred dollars. Those who are certified and who have specialties will be more expensive as well, and you also have to factor in their location. So before you begin searching for your personal trainer, you have to think carefully about your budget and what you can afford. If you find that an hourly solo exercise session doesn’t coincide with your budget, some personal trainers may be able to offer discounts for bulk buying or semi-private exercise sessions, so it’s worth finding this out as well.

4. Their availability and location

Of course, you also have to make sure that the trainer has a flexible schedule or a schedule that works with yours. If the trainer is booked for months, would they be able to give you the commitment you need? Do they have a floating schedule which changes per week, or can you get a solid time every week? Think about their location as well, and with this, think carefully about your preferences and habits, whether you like a proper gym setting, a one-on-one studio, or the privacy of your abode.

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