The Risks in Choosing Social Media Influencers as Your Brand Ambassadors

By admin / May 9, 2019
woman leaning on white wooden table while holding black Android smartphone


woman leaning on white wooden table while holding black Android smartphone

Social media influencers are all over the place these days. They have such a massive influence on a lot of people given their expertise, skills or personality. They can publish information on their channel, and many people will view what they posted. If they ask people to buy certain products, many people will do it.

As a business owner, it might be tempting for you to consider these social media influencers as partners. You think that they have a broad reach and their endorsement could go a long way. Although it is true, there are also risks that come with such a decision. You need to be cautious in determining if they are worthy of being your brand ambassadors.

They are only as good as their reputation

These influencers have a strong influence now not only because of their skills but also because of their positive reputation. People believe in them because they have not done anything crazy yet. However, if they suddenly did something which hurt their brand, they would immediately lose their credibility. Imagine if you attached the name of your company to this person. Your credibility would also be on the line.

They might not endorse

Some social media influencers accept sponsors, but they hate endorsing things. They will only do so if they believe in the product and they use it. However, if they do not know your brand, they might reject your offer. Most of them will agree to feature your product on their page but present it through a review. You do not have the guarantee that they will only have positive words to say about it.

They will not be relevant forever

In the age of social media, things change all the time. People do not pay attention to the same thing especially when something new comes along. You can count on one hand the number of social media influencers who have held on to their strength for a long time. Others were out of the scene within a year or less. Therefore, you are risking everything if you choose to partner with someone who might be irrelevant soon. The person might bring your company down in the process.

Diversify your strategy

Given these risks, you cannot decide to use social media influencers as your only marketing strategy. You need to be smart and try to diversify your campaign. You can pay for TV and radio ads if you can afford the cost. If not, you can try traditional marketing campaigns like the use of posters, banners, and exhibition display stands. They might seem outdated, but many people still rely on them for information. Besides, not everyone gets their information online. You do not want to miss those who do not have access to the internet at all times.

Be cautious in any campaign you intend to launch. You need to understand what your target audience wants and stay true to your brand.

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