3 Simple Ways to Fully Utilize Your Storage Unit

Storage units can suffer from the same problems as any other space, and that problem is lack of efficiency and management. Any space can be tamed and managed with no trouble, you just have to take the time to do it right.

Storage units come with a monthly fee attached to them, and to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to use every scrap of space you can get. Instead of paying for more space because you ‘might use it’, use the space you have efficiently and you will get the same results while also saving yourself a bit of money too.

Use Similar Sized Boxes

One of the largest problems with the mismanagement of space is the size of objects. If you want to save space then you have to be consistent with it, so when it comes time to look for boxes and storage units then make sure to have the same size of boxes for items of a certain type.

Store your smaller items together in one sized box, and your medium items inside of another box. This not only makes it easier to determine which boxes are holding which type of items but also allows them to be easily stacked and managed.

Attach some Shelves to the Wall

Shelves that you can hang onto the walls can also be helpful for getting items off the floor. Then you can create a walking path, and use whatever floor space remains more effectively. Shelving units aren’t too expensive and most units will allow them, so use them to group like items together and further your organization.

Being able to walk into a storage unit and instantly know what items are on which shelf will help dramatically with awareness and organization.

Store More Items in one Box

Boxes are like a jigsaw puzzle, where a mix of larger and smaller pieces all come together to help fit the image. Storage efficiency is the same way, where instead of making smaller and heavier items mutually exclusive. Put the bigger items into the box first, and then you can put smaller items around the bigger ones to fill in the gaps.

This will allow for you to do more with less when you fill your storage units Glendale and allow you to use fewer boxes to get the same tightly packed storage result.

A Little Space, A lot of Promise

No matter the size of your storage unit or the amount of items you want to put inside of it, there is always a way to make them fit. Countless strategies exist for dealing with larger items in a smaller space, and once you find the proper mix of them that works for you, then you’ll be able to do a lot more than you might have thought.

Think outside the box, come up with a plan, and soon you’ll be managing your small space like a pro and putting the storage back into storage unit!

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