The 5 Dangers Of Too Much Exercise

Exercise cannot only help you to develop a leaner, meaner body, but it can also prevent the development of serious health conditions. According to the American Heart Association, regular physical activity can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and poor cholesterol.

However, there is such a thing as too much exercise. While you might be eager to increase your fitness levels or lose weight, it should not come at the cost of your health. Read on to learn about the dangers of too much exercise.

  1. A Poor Immune System

While cortisol can increase the body’s production of cortisol, which can prevent muscle inflammation, too much of the hormone can have adverse effects on your health. Despite it decreasing both reddening and swelling, high or consistent cortisol levels can lead to a poor immune system.

Too much exercise will fail to give your body time to recover from intense physical activity, so it will be forced to enter a fight or flight mode. This can place great pressure on your immune system, which can increase your likelihood of an illness.

  1. Thread Veins

Strenuous exercise not only places pressure on your muscles, but it can place great strain on your venous circulation. As a result, this will create venous pressure within the leg veins, which can reverse the flow of blood and can cause the development of spider veins. Fortunately, you can visit one of Dr Newmans Clinic 9 thread vein clinics throughout the UK to resolve the problem.

  1. Weaker Bones

It’s crucial to think about the strain you place on different parts of your body during exercise. Over-exercise cannot only lead to a poor immune system, but it could potentially impact your bone health. Once cortisol enters the bloodstream, it will break down more bone tissue than it deposits, which can result in a higher risk of bone breakage or fracture.

  1. Microscopic Tears

The last thing you will want is to experience an injury that could lead to you sitting on the sofa, instead of maintaining a healthy, happy body. While you might be tempted to hit the gym for the second time in one day or to go for another run in the great outdoors, it’s often not a good idea.

It’s vital you give your body time to repair, or you could develop microscopic tears within your muscle fibers. Also, if you continue to exercise, they will fail to heal and increase your risk of injury leading to you needing to visit a physio.

  1. Insomnia

Both inflamed muscles and a burst of adrenaline could lead to a sleepless night. Yet, sleep is essential when training as it helps your muscles to repair themselves. You’re also more likely to experience insomnia if your workout is either in the afternoon or evening.

However, it’s not only tired eyes and muscles you will need to be concerned about, as insomnia can reportedly lead to depression, irritability, and a lack of motivation. So, avoid over-exercising or working out late in the day to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

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