Start the ATV Season in Style With the Latest ATV Gear

By admin / April 26, 2021

When warm weather is approaching, it’s time to think about getting out on your quad with some new gear. Half the fun of hitting the trails with your ATV is the anticipation that gets stoked by shopping for new equipment. From helmets to boots to ATV tires for sale, you’ll want to get the latest gear before you hop on your quad and ride.

ATV Helmets That Offer the Most Protection

Most ATV riders enjoy riding on a varied range of terrains, from packed dirt to sand, rocks and mud. Your head is the most important thing to protect, so it’s essential to choose a helmet that’ll keep you safe wherever you are. Here are a few that’ll provide maximum protection with a little bit of style.

  • Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS

This lighter-weight helmet features Bell’s Multi-directional Impact Protection System. The MIPS minimizes sideways impact while increasing neck and head protection. When you wear this helmet, there’s no more need to fumble for your sunglasses; the deluxe visor automatically tints within 40 seconds of hitting UV and bright sunlight.

  • Arai XD 4

This helmet is excellent for its versatility and premium features. The helmet has a removable peak, provides superior airflow, sports a full-face visor for an unobstructed field of vision, and even has an anti-fogging feature. The micro-fit cheek pads have an emergency release for increased protection.

  • Fly Racing Formula Carbon

Fly prioritizes designs for impacts to decrease the risk of head impact. The unique 7-component layered system is coated with a super-strong yet lightweight, 12k Carbon shell.

Budget Friendly ATV Tires

First and foremost, when you’re in the market for a new set of ATV tires, you must have a clear picture of your performance needs. Where are you riding? Rocky terrain, sand or mud? Less expensive tires typically feature less versatility in handling terrain, but you can still find tires perfect for your needs and budget. Keep in mind that the more plies of rubber, the more durable and resistant to punctures.

  • GBC Dirt Devil

GBC’s Dirt Devil 26x10x12 ATV tires are durable 6-ply and puncture-resistant. The V tread pattern and self-cleaning mud channels provide exceptional traction while navigating even the muddiest areas.

  • Kenda Bear Claw

Just as the name describes, these tires are excellent for “clawing” through various terrains, including mud and snow and hard-packed dirt. You’ll soon discover that they easily keep up with many of their more expensive counterparts. The treads are directional and angled, and the tires are made with six layers of rubber for increased durability. They could very well be the best ATV tires for your money.

  • ITP Mud Lite AT

Anyone who’s into off-roading knows ITP as one of the leading tire brands. The affordable price of Mud Lite AT tires keeps your wallet fat while 6 layers of rubber provide superior traction. They’re also the lightest mud tire on the market. They make it easy for even smaller engine ATVs to traverse mud without worrying about getting bogged down.

Are you ready to set out on a new adventure? Whether you’re a newbie and need to find all the right gear or just need an upgrade for the new season, search for ATV helmets online.


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