5 Common Hand Injuries

By admin / April 25, 2021

We do a lot with our hands which makes them especially susceptible to injuries.

While some of these injuries are minor and can be treated at home, some are more severe, and failure to seek proper treatment from an expert hand surgeon can interfere with the hand’s function.

Here are some examples of commonly suffered hand injuries.

Sport injuries

Sporting injuries arise from impact or repetitive motions. Depending on the severity, these injuries can lead to other conditions, the bulk of which require treatment.

The most common injuries resulting from repetitive movements are carpal tunnel syndrome. At times, the surgery performed to relieve this can cause trigger fingers. This can be remedied with non-surgical treatments as well as surgery.

Trigger thumb surgery is simple and provides good outcomes.


Cuts are inflicted by sharp objects and cause an opening on the skin. Some cuts are easy to manage at home with cleaning and a band-aid or gauze.

Some are more complicated. If you cannot stop bleeding on a cut, for example, that’s a clear indication that it’s not a superficial cut that can be managed at home. In such a scenario, apply some pressure on the cut and make your way to the emergency department.

Severed bits

Some injuries are traumatic enough to chop off fingers or separate the hand from the wrist.

These can result from several different things. Severed fingers can happen after jamming one’s fingers on a door. It can also be from handling power cutting tools likes saws and lawnmowers.

Severed hands can result from road accidents and heavy machinery operations. Either way, these are injuries that require specialized medical treatment. If preserved properly, the missing fingers or the detached hand can be surgically reattached.


People often suffer burns on their hands when carrying out various activities. Burns are also common in young children.

When something hot lands on the skin, the skin suffers severe damage that can kill the affected skin cells. Outside the home, people suffer chemical burns from harsh chemicals, sun exposure, and radiation.

Burns can be classified as a first, second, or third degree. You can also get minor burn injuries like scalds.

The treatment plan for burns depends on what caused the burn and the degree.

Sprained Hands

People often use the terms sprain and strained interchangeably. The two types of injuries are, however, different.

A sprain happens when you damage the ligaments on your hands. Strains, on the other hand, are injuries that affect the tendon and muscles.

Both result in pain and can be treated at home with painkillers and cold compressions. If the pain does not ease up in a couple of hours, it’s advised to see a doctor.

As you can see, numerous hand injuries can cause you to lose some function and cause pain.

If you suffer a serious injury or one that gets gradually worse, see a doctor.

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