Planning a Memorable Party in 5 Steps

By admin / October 13, 2020

Party season is always coming up, and occasionally someone hosts a party that stands out. The reason some parties succeed, is first because of planning, and secondly because of the host. If you have a great idea that works for everyone, and you are determined to let everyone find their comfort zone, your party is going to be one of the good ones.

  1. Timing: One of the hardest things about having a party these days is finding a time when your desired guests are available. This is made even harder when you want to make it a surprise party for one of them. Your first tip – don’t do the surprise. Make the party great for everyone. Collaboration is easier than conspiracy. The sooner you start the discussion of when people can be available, the more guests will be able to make it to your party, and with easy online communication, it won’t be difficult.
  2. Make it official: Once you know the time and date, send out some invitations to bring the party to the next level. There a so many options for personalised invitation. If it is a Christmas party, why not send them a personalised Christmas ornament from along with the official invitation. That will really set the anticipation for your event to be a proper party.
  3. Location: This is important; the venue can make an okay party, special. House parties are too stressful, and they can be just an excuse to show off. Booking a location puts everyone on the same page, and if it is a location already equipped to host parties, there is so much less work for you to do. Find a fun place, a beautiful place, a place where you can make some noise. Click here for a few outdoor party essentials that you don’t want to overlook.
  4. Have a Theme: Parties are more fun when there is a focus and a theme to follow. The list of potential themes is endless but make your party something achievable. Most people don’t have time for costumes, and some people will go overboard. Maybe suggest a period party, like the 70’s or a prohibition party where your location is a secret gin joint. It’s up to you, but themes are the most fun when they are not too hard for everyone to comply.
  5. Enjoy the Experience: Now that all the preparation and hard work is done, you should be able to socialise and be the best host by engaging with all your guests. The food should be prepared in advance, and with everything in order, you can pour your guests their favourite drinks and immerse yourself in the party ambience. You might want to look for Covid-19 updates in your state, just in case there are travel restrictions in place.

This year of course, people are under different rules, depending on where you live, be safe out there and follow the guidelines. Even if you must something virtual. But don’t give up, your friends want to have fun as much as you do.


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