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By admin / December 25, 2018

Whereas brick-and-mortar casinos have been living on mechanical and video machines for decades, with the advent of remote technology the overall popularity of classic casino pastimes has begun to decay. Even though 71% of land-based players still reach to slot machines, around 40% of offliners now would pick an online slots game over a real alternative, and it speaks for itself. Online machines could lose mountains of pro points when compared to their offline competitors, but there is one indisputable fact: online casinos took off in a streamline direction when convenience decides what is better. Thus online casino slots feel and look much cozier and approachable, even relatable to some extent. They do not provide authentic surroundings, neither they are able to convey all fanciness, but they can bring affordable options to anyone, and that’s why people tend to pick online.

When you walk down the slot row at a real casino, you understand: if I take a seat, I have to feed this machine with money to go forward. When it comes to online slots, you have pure freedom, because most of them are available for free play. In case you are not fond of casinos and depositing, you can find a website like, look through free collections and become a true gambler. Nothing quite gets your guts rolled like losing big, but online slots are meant to give you chances. However, people are still not fully aware of how online slots work, and it creates a runway for hustlers to come into view. Besides, the variety of slot machine might truthfully drive you crazy. So, online machines also deal with issues, and it is quite the time to learn the ropes of online business.  

How Online Machines Work

Usually, an average gambler would never ask themselves a question like ‘how does this thingy really operate?’ because there’s no need in that: slots are designed in a user-friendly way, and one is not required to be somewhat a guru of slotting to get started. If you plan to plunge into online casino going fundamentally, your first logical step is to get to know slots. Take down their inner mechanisms, meet technical parameters and learn to distinguish between products profoundly. Perhaps, it takes forever to master a skill, so let’s simply get you acquainted with the basics.  

Random Number Generators

Take a Blackjack table, for instance. Any correctly set shuffle machine is able to randomize a deck so that no one knows what card is coming up next. Take land-based slots. Special motherboards are installed into them, and reels get spun fairly – no one can also predict a succession of symbols or generated numbers by microchips. Then a question arises: how fully computerized software can provide a random experience if you do not even see or touch it? That’s a big question to discuss.

Randomizers or RNGs are special programs that randomly pick virtual numbers from a billion-like scale, then drive them though complex algorithmic progressions and computations. This outcome number might denote a symbol on a reel or some full reel position, depending on a computing technology behind a randomizer. RNSs are built into any online slot, and begin working right after you hit that ‘Spin’ button. So online slots are just as clean as offline ones.

Important detail. Online casinos must undergo examinations by auditors which test their RNG engines to fairness. To make sure your operator plays safe, always check these moments beforehand. If a casino has no seal of approval, it means their programs go dirty ways.

Return To Player

Another rudimental property of an online slot machine is a payout percentage. Returns to players stipulate how much money you can potentially retrieve. Some progressive titles tend to pay out big, yet rarely. Some machines are designed for easy play, so you can expect a good value back. You should never go for a slot without learning the potential percentage to return. This number usually varies around 80-99% mark. The more, the better.

Important detail. Some casinos hide information on RTPs, and that’s an awfully bad sign. Stick to those slots and venues that reveal their true paying identity. You can look up percentages inside slot paytables or on dedicated pages at venues.

Unlicensed Products: Your Potential Danger

So, now we hope you feel comfortable around technical aspects about online slots, but another essential question to consider is fake products. Unfortunately, the online industry is predisposed to rouges because it is quite complicated to conduct close inspections all the time – casinos and unlicensed software keeps appearing every minute out of nowhere. When you play online, you should never forget about authenticity of slot machines.

Most Pirated Software

Pirates are lazy people. Neither do they want to spend days and months to rebuild a famous slot machine, nor they are prone to create software from scratch. That’s why they choose to steal. Some gambling providers offer their games for free at official resources, so hustlers look through source code, do manipulations and get a machine looking just alike. Some software houses are the ones to suffer the most, because lots of their production is not properly sealed and hidden. These are Novomatic, Quickspin, NetEnt, Wazdan, Betsoft and occasionally Microgaming. If you bump into a suspiciously looking venue and see these slot titles everywhere, this is the most incriminating proof.

How To Spot Piracy

Well, it is impossible to teach you how to find the difference between a forgery and an original in a few sentences, but there are some tips that might come in handy.

  • Copy slot machines tend to glitch a lot – they behave strangely, when you compare them to some other versions. If notice poor animation, low-quality graphics when it is said a machine is HD or come across black screens or other glitches, there’s high chance this machine is fake.
  • Pirates steal, that’s it. They are not capable of mimicking a machine to smallest detail, so sometimes they miss some font, a bonus round, a symbol from paytables or simplify designs and layouts. Compare and contrast.

Tips To Choose An Online Slot

The last bit of a problem for online gamblers is the greatest variety of slot machines on offer ever possible. There are fruity, cinematic, strangely lined, progressive, card-like, modern, bonus machines, and you might be overwhelmed by this all. So always start with choosing a genre. Right after you are down to some type, think about the number of lines you wish to have. And only after that look through themes.  

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