Keeping Scrap Metals Out of Landfills

By admin / December 14, 2018


We have come a long way from dumping our trash just about anywhere to thinking of practical ideas how we can lessen our carbon footprint. Recycling is a worldwide effort that governments and private individuals practice, to reverse the impact of hundreds of years of improper waste disposal that has had destructive effects on the environment. A lot of countries all over the world have passed laws requiring their people to reduce, reuse and recycle trash for the benefit of future generations.

Plastic and metal

Plastic and metal are just two of the most dangerous trash items we can ever throw in landfills. Plastic garbage takes from one thousand to ten thousand years to rot. Imagine how many generations will inherit our waste. The same goes for metal. Metals corrode, and the chemical reaction from corrosion also has an adverse effect on the environment. Realising this from years of study and visual evidence of the destruction of the environment due to improper waste disposal, we came up with techniques to throw less plastic and metals into landfills.

Recycling efforts

Metals, since they do not decompose for thousands of years, need to have a new purpose or use so that we can get the most out of them as much as possible. Used cars are one of the biggest contributors to scrap metals, and so if I ever want to scrap my car in Doncaster, Doncaster companies offer affordable recycling fees to car owners who do not have any more use for their old vehicles.

Repurposing scrap metals

There are so many ways we can make scrap metals useful again, and there are many industries that have beneficial uses for them, such as the manufacturing industry, where they make scrap metals into valuable items such as lighting fixtures, furniture, etc. The food industry also benefits from using scrap metals. They use them for canned goods packaging. We individuals can also do our share of repurposing scrap metals that we get from our used cars. We can make home accents out of them, such as taking out the metal door handles and using them for your drawers, and so much more. If you are a handyman at creating things out of scratch, the possibilities are endless.

Paying it forward

We owe it to nature to pay the resources it provides us forward to the next generations. We don’t need to mine the raw materials required to make metals such as steel, copper and aluminium anymore. Used metals will give us enough materials to leave these natural resources alone.

Knowing that metals do not decompose for thousands of years is enough to awaken us to conserve our natural resources, as well as dispose of our trash responsibly. Metals that stay in landfills for thousands of years produce chemical reactions that can be harmful to the environment. If they seep into the soil and into the food that we eat, we will be in so much trouble. Recycling will reduce this risk significantly. We do not want our future children to bear the impact of our wrongdoings.

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