How to Get Motivated as an At-Home Parent

By admin / December 14, 2018

You can easily forget your best intentions and get lazy when it’s only you and the baby (or two) at home. You no longer have a boss pushing you to stay productive. Your only necessity is to feed and change the baby. Then you notice the laundry is unwashed, the dishes are stacked in the sink, and you need to cook dinner. Don’t despair: Get motivated.

Establish a Routine


In order to feel fulfilled, set a daily and weekly agenda that totally satisfies you and accomplishes your intended goals at the same time. First, get up at the same time as your husband or wife. Brew some coffee. Make breakfasts or lunches and be fully dressed to kiss your spouse goodbye. The rest of the day is yours to do the activities you have planned.

Set a schedule and write it down. For example, clean the house on Friday. Do any and all laundry on Monday and Thursday morning, and go grocery shopping on Tuesday afternoon. At first, setting a schedule may not be easy, but stick to it. With each chore or pleasant pastime checked off your list, the more satisfied you will become.

Give Yourself the Time

Set a time for daily exercise. This job can be tough with young ones to watch, but use your imagination. You can find some simple ways to stay fit as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Another idea is to teach your toddlers to do simple exercises. A 3-year-old trying to do jumping jacks is precious. But after your little one masters the exercise, both of you can do 10 jumping jacks after every book you read, which provides motivation to read and to exercise.

Make sure you get out at least once a week with your children. Consider taking them to different places each week, such as the library, the park, or a playground. Getting out provides both you and the children a breath of fresh air, and your kids can be free to be active and see pretty flowers blooming.

Take a Break

A break, every day at the same time, gives you a chance to rest and revive. Naptime may be your best opportunity. If it is a struggle getting children to nap, you can explore expert naptime tips. After your child is asleep, a calm stillness can come over your home. Use the first 20 minutes to absorb the serenity and tranquility. Now is your opportunity to regroup and revitalize, then finish the rest of the day refreshed and ready.

Don’t forget about your spouse. Go on regular “dates.” Make it once a week or every two weeks, but make the time for both of you to be alone somewhere, except for at home.

Find Inspiration and Enthusiasm

Become encouraged by surrounding yourself with positive literature and people. Everything you read affects your attitude and your standards of life. Read books and articles that uplift your spirits and inform you of current issues and new ideas.

Companies like Amway has helped many SAHMs become independent business owners by selling household, health, and beauty products. You can read enthusiastic success stories on the Amway Connections blog.

Contact your local church, synagogue, or mosque and ask about parenting groups or events for families. Get out of the house and meet your neighbors. Talk to everyone you meet. For online connections, explore a Gathering Place for Sisters in Christ,  Jewish Stay-at-Home Moms, and Muslim SAHMs.

When you go to the library with your child, find and take home with you any stay-at-home parenting literature. It doesn’t hurt to ask whether a support group for SAHMs meets occasionally. Read involving, inspired, and informative stories online at sources such as or at sites such as and

The stay-at-home parent has the amazing opportunity to witness and have a profound influence on the most significant change that occurs in the life of a young child: when a baby becomes a person. The gift of being part of that process should be cherished and appreciated — it only happens once.

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