Is CBD Oil Use Legal for Pets?

By admin / June 30, 2020
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CBD oil is fast becoming one of the most sort after form of holistic treatment for both humans and our animal companion. While there is still a lot of debate about the health safety of marijuana, it has not affected the worldwide use of cannabis. Hemp oil plays a significant role in the health and beauty industry, hence the growing demand for cannabis-derived products such as CBD oil.

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CBD, an extract from the hemp plant, acts with the endocannabinoid system of the body to provide relief from certain conditions in both humans and pets. The treatment regimen is as easy as using a topical or swallowing an infused edible, which is another reason it is gaining acceptance. For pet owners, the question remains if CBD oil is safe for dogs and cat’s body systems. The fact is that it is entirely safe to use cannabidiol to treat particular pet ailments.

Is it Legal to Buy CBD Oil?

For first-timers looking to get their hands on CBD oil, it is common to be unsure about the legality surrounding the sale of cannabis products. With many states frowning against the use and sale of cannabis, it is easier for people who don’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana to be a little weary.

There are no restrictions on the sale and use of CBD oil in many parts of the world. You can order one online in the United States and Canada without any hassle. While it is illegal to deal with marijuana, which is also a cannabis plant, the 2018 Farm Bill made legal the use of CBD obtained from the hemp plant.

Buying CBD for Pet

You don’t need any particular prescription to be able to buy hemp-derived products for your pet. You can find it infused in many snacks at your local gas station if you are lucky. However, there are certain things you want to look out for when in the market for CBD pet products.

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The THC Content

The levels of the cannabinoid THC are something you should look out for on the package or website when shopping. For CBD, the THC level is below 0.3%, while marijuana-infused gummies and tea could be more than that. Avoid products that do not provide this information as it is a necessary factor as you don’t want to use the wrong treatment on your pup.

Variety of the Hemp Plant

There should also be a mention of the variety of hemp plants used in the snacks, brew, or pill you are looking to buy. Look for the word Cannabis Sativa and if there is any other generic name, ensure to research and find out more. The THC level of hemp is within the 0.3% range, but the seeds and leaves of some varieties could cause allergic reactions. You can find more on this website about the different hemp species.

Laboratory Tests

You should ensure that you only use products that have been tested in a third-party lab to ensure that everything in the mix is safe for consumption. With the poor regulation in the cannabis industry, many marketers are using the loopholes to flood the market with substandard products.

Extraction Method

The method of extracting the oil from the hemp plant tells a lot about its ability to pack a punch. Also, inferior extraction methods stand the risk of contamination, so you want to ensure that your oil is about 95% pure. Purity could also help eliminate the chances of suffering from side effects or complications as a result of your medication.

How to Avoid Problems with the Use of CBD Oil?

The best way is to stick to the dosage and avoid using it abusing cannabis as best as you can. If you do have a prescription for medical marijuana, you want to shop at a licensed dispensary. Another thing is to keep in mind the amount of THC in the product. Remember for hemp-derived CBD oil, the limit is 0.3%. You can check this page to learn more about the laws guarding the use of cannabis around the world.

When it comes to using holistic medicine for cats and dogs, it is best to always check with a vet to be sure of the best treatment method to apply. The summary is that your pet could benefit from CBD’s responsible use for treating conditions associated with pain and inflammation.


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