10 Aphrodisiac Food To Put You In The Mood

By admin / July 1, 2020

Not quite feeling in the mood these days? Or you feel like your partner is not feeling the desire? Relax, everyone has a dry period. If you want to “get the juices flowing” once again, you have got to try this!

You can find the solution to increasing your libido in something as simple as food. Yes, some food holds the key to bring the romance back into your life. These special delicacies can spice up your love life!

Aphrodisiacs, the name comes from the Greek goddess of love and fertility, Aphrodite. These food hold the godly power of Aphrodite to heat up your sex life. Feel the passion with these ten common Aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate Anyone?

Chocolate is notorious for making us feel good. Chemicals found in chocolate can make us feel happy and satisfied. Did you know that it can also increase your appetite for pleasure?

One particular component is Phenylethylalanine. This chemical found inside chocolate works as an antidepressant, naturally mimicking the emotions we feel when we are in love!

Chocolate has various elements that help us to destress and relax. A piece of chocolate can help to wash away all the stress and makes us feel happy. Giving in to this sensuous food will certainly put you into the mood.

Get the most out of chocolate by eating it dark. Try dark chocolate covered strawberries to get the romance blooming!

The Manly Broccoli

A busy life makes it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Things like age and stress often have a bad effect on men’s libido. Besides, testosterone level naturally lowers with age.

Anyone suffering from low testosterone levels should definitely add more broccoli into their diet. Broccoli is rich in a compound called Indole-3-carbinol. This compound helps break and regulate estrogen.

High levels of estrogen lower testosterone levels. Eating broccoli regularly will increase this “manly” hormone. It will increase your virility and make you feel much younger.

Another solution to low testosterone is the consumption of long jacks, also called Tongkat Ali root. This ancient remedy has many health benefits, including anti-aging, along with increased vitality, and improved male fertility, etc. Tongkat Ali Dosage will boost your libido.

Berries Will Put You In The Mood

Chocolate covered strawberries are already famous as aphrodisiacs. However, this romantic berry is not the only one to turn you on. Blackberries, Blueberries, raspberries, etc all have elements that can put you in the mood.

Berries are generally rich in nutrients, including Vitamins C, B, and E. All these vitamins and minerals found inside berries help us build a healthy body. The presence of zinc, in particular, found in berries helps to increase the level of testosterone.

A healthy body means your hormones are flowing properly and helping you to have a better libido. Berries are also rich with antioxidants that boost blood circulation. Better blood circulation means healthy organs. Proper blood flow to your genitals enhances your libido.

ShellFish: A Gift From Venus?

Venus, the Roman name for Aphrodite, was born in seawater fertilized by the “seed” of Uranus. The goddess supposedly appeared on a giant scallop shell. The goddess of love and fertility coming out of one branded scallops as an aphrodisiac since ancient Greece!

Another shellfish associated with sexual prowess is oysters. This widely popular aphrodisiac has been around for a while. Notorious Italian Casanove another symbol of romance, supposedly ate fifty Oysters every morning to boost his sex drive!

The healthy protein and numerous minerals found in these shellfish, naturally enhance libido. Clams are also rich in vitamin B12 which produces the “happy” hormones for us. Next time you want to heat it up, grab an oyster or two!

Magic From Exotic Lands

In ancient China, ginseng was used to cure flu, inflammation and promote overall wellness. It is high in antioxidants and revitalizes the body to fight fatigue.

Ginseng is commonly used as natural supplements to cure erectile dysfunction and promote a healthy libido. Korean red ginseng is also a powerful herb and has recently gained popularity all over the world.

Another natural aphrodisiac is the Maca root. Also known as the Peruvian ginseng, this vegetable has often been cited as the most powerful aphrodisiac. Study shows that it increases sex drive as well as male sexual health.

India has their own take on aphrodisiacs. In Kamasutra, a few herbs and spices used in cooking have been cited as aphrodisiacs, including fragrant fenugreek and sensuous saffron.

Heat It Up With Chillies

What else can pump up the heat better than chilies? This nutrient-enriched firecracker has long been considered as a libido enhancer all over the world.

Similar to chocolate, chilies also release endorphins in our body. Which makes it a natural pain reliever and it has often been used as one.

Chilies are well known for improving heart health, and have numerous vitamins and minerals, making it a powerful antioxidant.

It promotes the flow of blood all over our body and gets our heart pumping. Which in turn helps us to feel excited, the same way a lover might make us feel. Spice it up with chilies to increase blood flow to your genitals to improve your sex drive.

Rocket Your Desire

Rocket, also known as Arugula, is a leafy green vegetable. It has a strong flavor that often makes it a great addition to salads.

In ancient times, Greeks and Egyptians commonly used this leafy green as an aphrodisiac. Similar to many other foods mentioned before, it is high in nutrients.

Arugula is rich in vitamins A and C, and it also boasts a high presence of zinc. All these components help produce sex hormones. High regulation of blood revitalizes the body and increases the desire for romance.

Vegetable Romance

Include more vegetables in your diet to spruce up your sex life. Other than chilies, broccoli, maca root, and arugula, you can find many other vegetables that promote desire.

Leafy greens in general are high in nutrients that produce sex hormones. Asparagus is another nutritious superfood that historically was also popular as an arousal booster.

Artichoke has a notorious history with women. In Greek mythology, a woman was turned into an artichoke after rejecting her lover. It was reportedly being banned from consumption in the 1500s because it made women sexually charged.

Any similar vegetable that promotes general health and production of sex hormones can be considered as an aphrodisiac.

Pomegranate Passion

By now you can already tell that the Greeks were a big fan of aphrodisiac food. Pomegranate is often considered as a symbol of passion and fertility, due to its color and its seedy interior.

As a powerful antioxidant, it rejuvenates the body with healthy blood flow. It helps women to feel young and radiant. It aids to cure erectile dysfunction and increases sperm production.

Eating pomegranate reportedly increases sexual desire in both men and women. Whether it is true or not, this romantic superfood is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Spruce up your next dinner date with some pomegranate juice or sprinkle it on your desserts.

Fruitful Love?

Along with berries and pomegranate, many other fruits have aphrodisiac properties. No other fruit symbolizes sexuality in women better than peach.

Peaches are the ultimate metaphor for young women. Throughout history, people all over the world relate peach’s appearance with that of youthful and fertile women. This healthy fruit has hearty portions of vitamins and minerals that aid sexual desire and performance.

Bananas are also a symbol of sexual desire. Its phallic form has often been related to masculinity and male sexuality. This iron-enriched fruit aids in the production of blood and overall cardiovascular health. Good regulation of blood increases sexual desire and satisfaction.


From ancient times to the present, aphrodisiac food has been favored by people. People have always liked mixing the sensual pleasure of sex and eating. If your romance is lacking zest, try out some of the food mentioned here to heat up your love life.

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