How to Throw an Awesome Boat Party

By admin / October 19, 2020

You’ve thrown house parties, beach parties, and even cabin parties in the snow, but have you experienced a real party on the water?

Boat parties aren’t just for celebrities and their yachts. You can throw your own epic boat bash with just a few party essentials.

Don’t let your event go down like the Titanic. Start with these must-have boat party tips!

Find the Perfect Party Boat

First thing’s first, you need a boat! Not just any boat will suffice. You need a vessel that’s built for party animals.

If you don’t have a party boat yourself, you can always rent one. If you’re looking into boat hiring Sydney that are plenty of boat rental companies that offer ideal party boats, like pontoons, motor yachts, cabin cruisers, deck boats, and bowriders.

A great party boat has adequate deck and cabin space for entertaining, eating, and socializing. For large parties, rent boats with private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and comfortable seating.

For parties of two or three guests, a personal watercraft (PWC) make work best. These boats don’t have kitchens, but there’s enough deck space for mingling, water coolers, and snacks.

Pick a Boat Party Theme

Your next step is to set the tone. Boats are perfect for themed parties and decorations.

There’s always classic themes, like nautical chic, old school fisherman style, and other marine themes. Dress your party boat with vintage-style fishnets, life preservers, anchors, and sailor themes. Decorate tabletops with “message in a bottle” centerpieces, sand sculptures, and shells.

Illuminate your evening boat parties with twinkling lights, colorful lanterns, and Christmas lights. You could also anchor your boat to the dock and decorate the surrounding trees with magical lights.

Pump Up the Volume

You can’t have a boat party without music! Pump up the volume with the latest boat speakers and devices. View more marine audio ideas to perfect the sound at your next birthday boat party.

Avoid awkward silence with the perfect party playlist. Load up your iPod or online playlist with the latest party hits and retro favorites. You could even rent an old school style jukebox.

If you’re throwing a vintage nautical party, bring in a record player and play classic favorites from the 30s, 40, and 50s.

Whip Up Yummy Appetizers

Now, for the best part. Food!

Try to avoid super messy foods, like sloppy joes, for example. If you serve messy or crumbly foods, serve them in bowls with utensils, just like a salad or crumb cobbler.

Mini savory tarts, veggies with creamy dip, cheesecake bites, and mini sandwiches are perfect for boat parties. Stick to finger foods, and avoid more difficult culinary tasks, like cooking and slicing roasts.

Avoid large trays of food that could spill at a moment’s notice. Just one little wave can knock over your buffet!

Remember, you may have some guests who are prone to seasickness. Make sure to have saltine crackers, ginger ale, and neutral snacks on hand.

Become a Party Legend

Are you ready to party on the open sea?

Avoid a perfect storm of party disasters. Follow these tips and tricks to throw the boat party of the century!

Need more entertaining ideas for the new year? Check out the blog to discover the latest tips for decorating, hosting, and more.

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