How to Buy Cheap Life Insurance without Medical Exams

By admin / October 5, 2020

How to Find Life Insurance without Medical Exams Affordably

When you buy life insurance for yourself or another member of your family, you can experience great relief knowing that circumstances will be taken care of in the case of an unfortunate passing. Life insurance, however, often requires a medical exam to get the best rates while minimizing your risk in the eyes of the insurer. But, for many, these policies are not an option because of pre-existing conditions, an advanced age, or other health concerns that could impact approval. Without that option, you can seek near-instant approval life insurance without medical exams.

But, there’s a catch. These kinds of policies often come at higher monthly rates because they are more risky for your insurer who may never see your medical records or history. You can certainly still get the peace of mind from a life insurance policy, but you may be concerned about getting a reasonable rate without needing to submit formal health information and complete a required exam. In addition, you’ll have to accept that these policies with no exam offer lower payouts and come with some conditions. Still, it’s a good (sometimes sole) option for you, and you can get a good rate from insurers like Sproutt.

What You Should Know Before Buying Cheap Life Insurance without Medical Exams

Your answers to questions the insurer poses during application may still concern your health and lifestyle to get a partial picture of your wellness and risk. So, even as we estimate the approximate cost of cheap life insurance without medical exams, there is some flux within the rates that will take your specific situation into account. The answers you give will ultimately decide how affordable your policy can be, but we guide you in this post toward reasonable options for you.

Review the rates from Sproutt, a no exam insurer, in the content below, and see how you can easily afford the policy that is right for you without unnecessary medical appointment requirements. We hope it will help you to see the right policy for your lifestyle and needs to protect your family from financial tragedy and give them some alleviating measures.

Some Examples of Affordable Life Insurance Policies with Rates and Payouts

Here, we compare some of the most popular, affordable options for a life insurance policy without medical exam requirements. For the person who wants to get a policy quickly and cheaply, we will guide you through three of Sproutt’s offerings that can suit many different budgets and payout desires. Remember that these rates are examples, and final costs will depend on your unique circumstances and answers to the insurer’s questionnaires.

A “Simple” Option

Even though you won’t be able to achieve the lowest rates by not completing a medical exam, the “Simple” option from Sproutt can be affordable for many. Unlike traditional life insurance forms and policies, the payout is lower as is the monthly rate for coverage. Another advantage is its speed. You can quickly obtain the “Simple” option from Sproutt through an online application.

This policy might be an option for you if you are willing to invest around $60 per month for a potential payout of $250,000, a reasonable amount. Since you won’t need a medical exam, it can be the plainest, simplest, quickest ticket to formal life insurance.

A “Just Right” Option

For a higher payout (with a matching increase in your monthly rate), you can enjoy a popular option from Sproutt which is “Just Right.” It can be worth it for your family, and it offers more alleviating help to those who endure your passing.

This form of life insurance will cost approximately $100 per month, and it offers at least $500,000 in payouts to beneficiaries. You can complete a short survey on to learn more about what your real, unique rate might be.

An “Extended” Option

The last option for those that find it affordable to pay $150 per month for as much as $750,000 in possible payouts is the “Extended” policy. You still won’t need an exam to apply, and it can really ease the sense that your family might endure suffering financially after a loss.

Explore Your Own Rate for Life Insurance without Exams

The policies from insurers like Sproutt can come at very reasonable rates considering they come without the need for medical screening by a doctor. You’ll discover if you compare their rates to other providers that, in many cases, they offer higher payouts at a lower premium.

See which policy is right for you by asking for a quote from You will observe their rates are competitive and helpful for many different kinds of budgets.


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