Great Movies That Failed to Get Enough Recognition

By admin / January 29, 2021

For some reason, the movies that we are going to list here are really great but totally failed to make headlines. When these movies were released, they actually had the potential to become hits but failed to do so.

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‘I Will Follow’

This is a 2010 release and has a really great storyline. In fact, it will stir a lot of emotions in you as you watch it. In the movie, we get to see an African-American woman who has just lost a loved one. Soon after, she tries to deal with that situation so she can move on with her life.


This is a movie that was released in 2011 and comes with a bit of humor. In the drama, we get to meet an overweight teen who is bullied because of his size. Because of that, he becomes depressed and stops caring about school and aussie online casino . This leads to the assistant principal at the school coming up with some counseling sessions at the school.

‘Nico, 1988’

This is a musical drama that was released in 2017. In this touching movie, we are introduced to Nico, who is a singer/songwriter approaching his 50s. Before, she was quite a popular and celebrated artist. Now, she lives a frustrating life and leads a solitary existence. Now, she has to right all the wrongs in her life, including her relationship with her son.

‘Knife + Heart’

In this movie, we get to see a gay-adult filmmaker. Soon, all his cast and crew start getting killed, one by one. It looks like there is a serial killer on the loose and everyone wants to know who it is.


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