Gift Ideas for the DIY Handy Guy in Your Life

By admin / November 26, 2020

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are almost upon us, and with that comes the gift buying season. This can cause a fair amount of stress for those who have a hard-to-buy for person in their life, as coming up with the perfect idea can sometimes be impossible. If you happen to have a DIY handy guy in your life that you need to buy for, why not speak to his interests and purchase something that lets him show off those DIY skills?

Here’s a look at some great gift ideas for the DIY handy guy in your life.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Give Him the Ability to Tackle the Big Jobs

A reciprocating saw is a very powerful tool that makes it possible to tackle some of the bigger jobs around the house. It is often described as the bigger, more powerful brother to the jigsaw. This saw can be used to cut through tile, metal, wood, walls, pipes, and more. The more modern cordless models provide a lot more flexibility and freedom while tackling the job.

As for which one is best, you can read this blog article from Home Fix Hobby that takes a look at all the top models in 2020, comparing their pros and cons. You’ll be able to see such details as the charge time, the power it offers, the warranty, speeds, and so forth.

The Perfect Tool Belt – A Must Have for Any DIY Guy

This gift sounds almost too simple, but the reality is that a good tool belt makes all the difference when tackling DIY jobs around the house. It ensures everything is within reach and organized in a smart way.

Some of the things to look for in a good tool belt include the material and construction, since it will be holding a fair amount of weight. You will also need to ensure the belt is adjustable to fit all sizes, has multiple compartments and pockets, and allows you to hang items from it.

A Personalized Hammer – They Will Feel Like a Real Pro

Why not make the guy in your life feel like a real pro with their own personalized hammer? You can have their name etched onto it, creating something that will end up being a cherished item in their tool chest.

Heavy Duty Work Gloves Offer Protection

Here’s a gift that can act as the perfect stocking stuffer – a good quality pair of heavy duty work gloves can be useful for a variety of projects. Again, you want to pay close attention to the construction of the gloves and the material to ensure they hold up to what will be thrown at them.

If the DIY guy in your life is often on his phone, there are even gloves that allow you to use a touchscreen device without having to take them off.

So, if you’ve got a DIY handy guy in your life that you need to buy for, these ideas are sure to be a hit.


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