Don’t Quit After Weight Loss

The temptation to slacken and throw caution to the wind can be too overpowering after successfully losing weight, just like you wanted. Slimmer and fitter, you no longer see the need to exercise and watch what you eat anymore.

The problem with this approach is that it negates all the gains made and the pounds previously lost. If there were potential health risks, they return as the weight gradually increases.

This is the reason a sizeable portion of participants in weight loss TV programs almost pile on the pounds after they leave the show.

Here’s what you should do to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Monitor your weight

Weigh yourself regularly, preferably daily, and note down your weight. This way it would be easier to notice any slight weight gains and work on losing it, this time for good. When you see your weight remaining constant over a period of time, you get motivated to continue sticking with your healthy lifestyle.

It is important to weigh yourself at the same time daily as it helps in monitoring small transient weight gains that may be as a result of water retention. You can then use this information to adjust your diet.

Eat more protein

A high-protein diet can help you lose weight. Proteins do not only help build muscles, they also improve your metabolism, make you feel full for longer and are helpful in regulating a couple of weight-regulating hormones.

Proteins limit the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and usually take longer to be digested unlike carbohydrates. This makes you feel hunger less often and therefore eat less.

Eat healthy

Fruits and vitamins have the vitamins necessary for your immunity against diseases. Moreover, many of them have fibers to keep you feeling full for longer.

Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods like cookies and sodas, eat fruits and drink water or Ideal Shape Shakes that are low on calories but high on nutritional value.


The only way to keep yourself from regaining those pounds is through a healthy diet and exercise. Moderate exercise for at least five days weekly keeps the weight off.

Exercises like strength training builds muscle mass and burn excess body fat at the same time.

Additionally, regular exercise increases your metabolism and tames your appetite – everything you need to keep your weight in check.

Cook your own meals

While this may not be feasible all the time, try as much as you can to prepare your own meals more often instead of eating out. Hotel portions are a bigger than the regular servings in your house, making you eat more.

It is also almost impossible to have a say in the ingredients used and method of cooking when you eat out and the temptation to order junk food is always high. When you eat out, ask if the restaurant has healthier alternatives and half portions.

Cooking for yourself, on the other hand, gives you the liberty to cook however you want and serve healthy sizeable portions.


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