Awesome Tips to Help You Share Your Love Story in Style

By admin / March 5, 2021

Suppose you have just been engaged, congratulations! You are just about to enter another significant phase of your life, but before that, it is time to celebrate this fantastic news with your loved ones. Although there are many ways you can spread the news to your best friends and family, a timely sent announcement card is the traditional way and still the best. Yes, you can text someone or post on your social media pages, which can be fast to send, but it’s not as unique and memorable as getting handmade engagement announcements through the mail. Here are numerous tips to help you make your card amazing.

Let a Photo Showcase Your Love

As you may have overheard, an image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, before you send your card, ensure you take some cute photos to include on your card. Your recipient will be more than happy to see the newly engaged couple embracing one another and smiling. As a message of true happiness, your loved ones will receive the news in full gladness.

Several poses can also help make your photo stunning that you can also use for future arrangements such as marriage invites. You can choose to reenact the proposal and capture the moment as you recreate the feeling and look of the exact moment she said yes. You can also go for a close-up of the ring where you show off the engagement ring as you hold hands.

Recap Your Story

When sharing the good news with your extended family members and friends who are out of state and may not have the details about you and your new fiancée, the cards can recap your story. There are several templates out there that allow you to include your story creatively on the cards to give your distanced loved ones more fun.

You can recap how you met your new fiancée, give your proposal story, or recap the year briefly capturing the moments you shared with your partner.

Use Some Clever Sayings

For your card to share your love story in style, it has to be unique. Don’t just send an ordinary card, instead be creative and include some clever engagement sayings to grab your recipients’ attention. Some of the witty, funny, and creative sayings you can print on your card include:

·       ‘Guess who is planning a wedding.’

·       ‘She said yes.’

·       ‘Let us tell you about our ring fling.’

·       ‘Engaged!’

Personalize your Card

Making your card as unique and personal as possible is a great way to ensure that your good news is well received. With Mixbook, you can select several designs that please you to make your card outstanding. Selecting your best engagement photos and then stitching them together in the design you choose will give you a result that you will be proud to mail to your loved ones. If you feel great about it, be sure that your recipients will receive your message and the good news with open hearts.

You can ensure that your card is outstanding by choosing the best size and format, changing the color pairings, adding some text manipulations, and including some enhanced styling.

Your engagement is just a step towards your future arrangements for your wedding. Therefore, it is good to invest in this particular occasion’s announcement to help you prepare your loved ones for the plans to come.

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