All Wanderers Should Wear Men’s Beaded Bracelets Jewelry

By admin / October 29, 2019

If you think about men wearing jewelry, you probably imagine a suited up guy, who is up to date with the latest fashion trends. While this may very well be true, today we are going to discuss another type of man who wears men’s beaded bracelets jewelry.

There is a certain type of guy who is curious about discovering new places and meeting new people. The explorer is not afraid of taking the less traveled road and wandering into the unknown.

Maybe this is you – maybe you have been born with a natural curiosity for everything that life has to offer and you are not scared to reveal the undisclosed aspects of life. If this description above resonates with you, you should also know there’s men’s beaded bracelets jewelry specially made for you.

The archetype of the eternal wanderer can be found in all the world’s famous stories. Think about the Biblical Wanderers – like Cain, or the Wandering Jew – or about many folktales that mention travelers, like vampires, pirates or monks set on a spiritual journey. Another famous traveler is Gandalf, who doesn’t have a home of his own, but feels at home with some of the people he meets along the way.

Moreover, every traveler carries an amulet that provides guidance and protection. Below, you will find some examples of men’s beaded bracelets jewelry from that you can use as protective totem while traveling.

Tiger Eye beaded bracelet

The name of this gemstone comes from its appearance that resembles the eye of a tiger. If you go for this type of men’s beaded bracelet you will always have the feeling of being watched over and you will never feel alone no matter how lonely the journey gets.

Aquamarine beaded bracelet

The blue color of this beaded bracelet mirrors the ocean’s waters. Back in the day, it was thought that mermaids would bring aquamarine to the people of the sea. This is why sailors always carry this gemstone with them. This beaded bracelet jewelry is perfect if you’re planning a voyage near or by sea.

Moonstone beaded bracelet

The moonstone stone shines in the dark in the same way the moon illuminates a calm, still body of water. We recommend this men’s beaded bracelet jewelry for those wanderers who need protection during the night.

Amethyst beaded bracelet

The purple color of the amethyst brings balance and good luck to the one wearing it. By carrying it with you on your trip, you will be protected from thieves.

Malachite beaded bracelet

This bracelet is highly recommended for those traveling by plane, as it is considered to be very powerful in the air. There is also a beautiful story about the malachite – this gemstone will crumble when you are near a dangerous situation. Therefore, it is one of the greatest warning stones.

No matter how far away from home you choose to wander, if you’re on a holiday or if you’re at the start of a new road, make sure to bring men’s beaded bracelets jewelry with you – as they will keep you on the right track and stay by your side as you find answers to the questions that are going through your mind. Go check the collection from and find powerful bracelets that have been thoughtfully designed for the eternal wanderer in you.


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