A Guide to Different Styles of Horse Riding

By admin / July 18, 2019

Horse riding is a wonderful hobby and one which anyone can enjoy doing. It can be fun, challenging and highly rewarding to learn how to ride a horse and you also get the obvious enjoyment of bonding and spending a lot of time close to these majestic creatures. Additionally, there are many different types of horse riding to consider so you should be able to find a style that interests you. Here are a few examples.


The most obvious type of horse riding is racing which is one of the biggest (and richest) sports around the entire world. A jockey will need to be physically fit, mentally strong and have a good connection with their horse in order to succeed in this sport particularly when you consider that the horses can reach blistering speeds of around 44mph.


Dressage riding is the highly skilled form of horse riding where you must train the horse to perform a series of predetermined movements which showcase their flexibility, strength and balance. It is a creative and highly rewarding style where you must work closely with the horse to succeed.


Showjumping is a popular form of horse riding where you must clear obstacles with the horse and you are then scored on your ability to do so. This includes the hunter class where you are judged by how closely you meet an ideal standard, jumper class which is a timed trial and hunt seat jumping which scores the ability both on flat ground and over fences.


Gymkhana, thought to have originated in India, translates to games on horseback and can include both individual and team events all designed to test the speed, agility and responsiveness of the horse as well as the rider’s ability to control the horse.

Barrel Racing

As the name suggests, barrel racing involves racing horses around a pattern of barrels in an arena and trying to get the quickest time. It is a good option for those that do not like the idea of regular horse riding which can be much faster and, therefore, more dangerous.


Eventing is an Olympic sport and these events usually involve a few different styles of riding, including dressage, showjumping and cross-country jumping and takes place over three days. To compete, and with most forms of horse racing, you need to make sure that you arrange horse insurance in advance to protect both yourself and the horse.

These are just a few of the main styles of horse riding to consider. They can all be fantastic fun, are challenging and provide you with the chance to form a special connection with beautiful horses. You might want to try a few of these or find just one area to specialise and potentially compete in.

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