5 Ways to Refresh & Rewind on a Weekend

By admin / August 28, 2020

Although the purpose of every weekend is to restore your energy for the week ahead and to ensure that you are fresh-faced at the office on Monday morning, many people fill their weekends with highly strenuous and exhausting activities. These include going to a busy shopping center or taking the time to visit your family members. To make sure that you can strike the right balance between enjoyment and relaxation, here are some of the top ways that you can take a moment to unwind during your weekend break.

Enjoy a Paint by Numbers Kit

Arts and crafts are known for their ability to reduce stress due to their calm, repetitive motions and their ability to help you focus on an activity other than work. However, many people do not participate in crafts in their free time because they are uncertain where to begin or do not believe that arts and crafts are for them. However, simple activities such as Paint by Numbers kits can help you to get started by guiding you through the painting process in terms of both colors and where to paint. This allows anyone to get creative, regardless of their talents or abilities.

Go on a Walk

Now that the majority of workplaces promote a sedentary lifestyle, it is paramount that you are able to take the opportunity to have a day off in order to exercise. Although you might not believe that exercising can be enjoyable or relaxing, not only is physical activity healthy for you, but it can also reduce your stress levels. You do not have to build a home gym or start a HIIT regime in order to exercise. If you are not keen on strenuous activity, walking can help you to reconnect with nature and feel the benefits of exercise at your own leisurely pace.

Take Up Meditation or Yoga

Both meditation and yoga are activities that are often recommended to those who are struggling with poor mental health, including stress. Yoga and meditation can help to start your weekend off on the right foot by giving you a calming moment to reflect on your week, clear your mind, and re-energize both your brain and your body. If you do not feel comfortable trying meditation or yoga alone, you should join a locally run class.

Read a Novel or Write a Journal

Reading and writing are two sides of the same coin, and can both alleviate any negative feelings that you are carrying into the weekend. While reading can provide you with easy escapism that can instantly boost your mood, writing a journal can relieve you of any worries or troubles that you have experienced throughout the last week at work.

Run a Warm Bath

Running a warm bath, complete with indulgent bath products such as a bath bomb or bath salts, can help you to unwind after a high-intensity week. Not only can they help you if your job is physical by reducing muscle pain and inflammation, but they can also allow you to have some quiet time to yourself. This will help you to restore your mood and to take the time to look after your body.


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