5 Surprising Benefits of Marijuana For The Body

By admin / July 31, 2019
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It is no wonder that the legalization of marijuana in many American states has already sparked widespread debate. However, you cannot overlook the fact that marijuana has many medical benefits and is being used by many medical institutions all across the globe to treat different diseases. In this article, I will tell you about 5 interesting benefits of marijuana for the body you probably don’t know. Keep in mind that there are multiple benefits, and research is still being done. So nobody knows what future will unfold for us in terms of more health benefits of cannabis oil.

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5 surprising benefits of marijuana:


1. Marijuana is good for your lungs

The common myth is that marijuana smoking reduces lung capacity and damages them, which is genuinely not true. There is concrete evidence that marijuana smoking does no damage to the lungs as long as you’re not smoking tobacco with it. A recent study suggests that smoking marijuana improves lung capacity and repairs any sort of damage that has been done. Some researchers suggest that the increased capacity of the lungs might be due to the deep breaths that one takes while inhaling it.

2. It can help curtail epileptic seizures

Many studies suggest that CBD oil is very important for treating epileptic seizures. You will be surprised to know that studies also found that there are parents who give marijuana to their kids because it helps their kids in controlling their seizures. However, not much research and concrete evidence is available, so researchers continue to work on it to find if there is some sort of strong bonding between seizures and marijuana.

3. Marijuana can fight cancer too

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, which cuts down over 1 million lives every year around the globe. Some studies have shown that CBD oil can help in preventing cancer from spreading. Study conducted on brain tumor also suggested that marijuana can minimize brain tumors and improve a patient’s health. In 2014, a study found that marijuana can easily slow down the spread of brain tumor in patients that have malignant brain cancer.

4. It can cut down the side effects of hepatitis C

Every treatment has its side effects, and so has hepatitis C’s treatment. It is very harsh, and a person has to go through many side effects such as loss of appetite, depression, nausea, fatigue, and muscle ache. These side effects last for months, and many people often stop their treatment process in the middle because they just can’t take it. A study conducted in 2006 successfully concluded that patients who used marijuana were able to complete their hep C treatment.

5. Marijuana can treat arthritis

This is the main reason why so many older age people are using CBD oil these days. This is also one of the earliest benefits of marijuana, which researchers concluded. Marijuana can reduce pain in the muscles and joints. It also promotes good sleep. Many doctors at hospitals give their patients medicines that have marijuana compound in it. Other studies suggest that marijuana is very good in curing arthritis pain.

It is no wonder that the health benefits of marijuana continue to rise. I love growing marijuana plant in my house so that I can benefit from cannabis oil in the future. I will surely suggest other friends of mine do it.


Research is still in process, so we never know what more is there for us to know. Marijuana is legal in many states of the US, but there is a limit on its use.

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