5 of the Best Boats for Family Excursions

By admin / April 29, 2022


Is your family adventurous? Do you love spending quality family time together on and in the water – fishing, swimming, and exploring? You’re not alone!

Boating is booming with the latest stats revealing boating sales in the U.S. of over $40 billion dollars! It’s no mystery why. Cruising, fishing, skiing – there are so many things you can do with your family on a boat.

If you’re thinking about buying a boat, we’ll explore five of the best boats for families in this article.

1. Bowriders

If you’re looking for an easy-entry, small boat, why not try a bowrider? These are small and only hold about six people but they’re inexpensive compared to other boats. They’re also easy to put on a trailer.

2. Combination Fish-and-Ski Boat

Do you have one fishing lover and one water skiing lover in your family? Why not combine the two and go for a fish-and-ski boat?

These boats don’t disappoint the fishing enthusiast since they’ve got livewells, rod holders, and trolling motors. You can troll but you’ll also find great engine performance for tow sports, like skiing and tubing.

3. Pontoon Boats

Are you into entertaining friends and neighbors? If you’re looking for a cruising boat with room for snacks and drinks, consider a pontoon boat.

These boats are party barges and even smaller pontoon boats have room for 8-10 people. Some of the larger pontoon boats even come with changing rooms. Your family will have a blast hanging out on a pontoon boat.

4. Yachts and Power Cruisers

Are you ready to make a big investment? Yachts and power cruisers are the best boats for families if you’re looking to do some serious boating. You can take your vacations aboard your yacht.

A yacht or power cruiser has cabins with beds, heads (bathrooms), and a galley (kitchen). You’ll also have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy time in the sun. You’ll have all the comforts of home aboard your boat.

Not ready to make a big investment in your own boat yet? Join Freedom Boat Club and test out many different types of boats until you decide it’s time to buy.

5. Sailboats

Sailing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but many people love sailing. Most sailboats have small cockpits but that doesn’t stop seasoned sailors from entertaining aboard.

Sailing offers a challenge you don’t get with other types of boats – you’ll need some practice before you’re proficient. Nothing quite beats being on the water in a sailboat as you smoothly and quietly move through the water.

A sailboat is a great choice for a family looking for an adventurous challenge and a fun outdoor activity to do together.

The Best Boats for Your Family

What are the best boats for your family? The boat that satisfies your water-fun needs! It takes time to discover your favorite type of boats and outdoor activities.

Before buying a boat, identify everything you want to do with a boat to narrow down the list. Then, go have some fun!

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