4 Tips to Help Seniors Transition into Residential Care

By admin / December 10, 2020

Moving an aging relative into a senior living community can be a great way to ensure that they continue to live life to the fullest. Residential care facilities provide specialist around-the-clock and plenty of activities to ensure that seniors are productive and entertained. That said, moving into a care home can be difficult for seniors and many older adults feel anxious about the move. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help an elderly relative settle into their new lifestyle. Here are four tips to help seniors’ transition into residential care.

1. Find the right community

There are hundreds of different residential care homes to choose from. It would be best if you found a community that is right for your elderly parent or relative. You can improve the senior living experience by researching different residential care homes and checking things like living arrangements, quality of care, activities on offer, and so on. Do this research with your elderly loved one and make sure they have a say in which residential care home is chosen. It is a good idea to select a care home that is nearby, so that family members and friends can visit regularly.

2. Provide continuous support

It is natural for an elderly relative to feel anxious about the thought of moving into a residential care home. Make sure that you provide them with continuous support and discuss any concerns that they might have. Take the time to talk about the advantages of residential care and emphasize how the move will benefit their daily life. Once they have moved, make an effort to stay in regular contact and check how they are settling in.

3. Encourage them to get involved

One of the biggest advantages of senior living communities is that older people are surrounded by other seniors and have access to lots of senior-friendly activities. Encourage your elderly loved one to get involved in any activities on offer. This may include things like exercise classes, group walks, boardgame competitions, and crafts projects. Taking part in these activities will help your loved one settle into their new life and make friends with other residents and members of staff. Encourage your loved one to be active in their community and get out and about as much as possible.

4. Make their living space feel homely

Moving out of their home can be especially difficult for seniors. You can make the transition smoother by making their new living space feel more homely. Adding a personal touch to their new home will make them feel more comfortable and should help them settle into their new life quicker. You can easily make their new room or apartment feel more homely by adding their personal belongings or decorating their room with family photographs and other mementos. Ask your loved one if there is anything that they would like to make their new living space feel more comfortable, i.e. a plush rug in their favorite color or some interesting wall art. There are lots of articles offering tips on how to decorate a residential care home and add a cozy touch.


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