3 Things To Be Aware of as a New Mom

By admin / February 18, 2022

Becoming a new mom is exciting and filled with many new emotions. As a new mom, you feel it all, from happiness to worry. The best way to maintain happiness and keep your baby safe is by being mindful and aware of your changing body and your baby. There are so many new tools and gadgets that come out every year, but what is safe? Below, we will look at the top three things you should know as a new mom.

1. What You Feed Your Baby


There are many choices to make when it comes to feeding your baby. From the newborn stage to toddler years, you have many options to choose from for feedings. There are specific standards for feedings at each stage of a baby’s life, and making the right choice for formula is essential for your baby’s health and gives them the fresh start and brain development they need to live a healthy life. Formulas that have cow’s milk as a base and other fortifiers have been known to cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). There have been lawsuits filed for baby formula NEC, so it is important to research the right formula so you don’t have to worry about health risks. But if your baby is exhibiting negative side effects as a result of being fed cow’s milk-based formula in a hospital setting, contact a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

2. Your Changing Body


Having a baby means many changes to your mind, life, and body. As a result, clothing may not fit the way it did before in the first few months of your postpartum period. Unfortunately, many women leave the hospital wearing the same maternity clothes they went in with. Luckily, there are ways you can still stay comfortable while being stylish as a new mom. For underneath, women’s boyshort underwear has become increasingly popular among new moms because of the full coverage. Opting for this style of underwear can keep you comfortable while also offering designs that can make you feel good in your changing body. Other clothing items to keep in your closet are comfortable shoes like flats, high-waisted pants and leggings, and simple solid colored tops. These staple pieces can make new mom fashion simple as well as comfortable.

3. Car Seat Safety


After you have your baby and your hospital stay is over, it is time to take the baby home. One of the most common fears among new mothers is the first car ride home with the baby. Having the right car seat is crucial as a new mom to ensure the baby’s safety. It is vital to fit your baby in the right car seat for their height and weight and keep them rear-facing. Harness straps should be tight enough that only one finger can reach underneath, and the chest clip should be aligned with their armpit. While it may be tempting to give in to car seat toys and covers, these can be dangerous for the ride home and should be left out. As your baby gets older, you will have to loosen and move the straps up for a better fit. Being aware of car seat safety not only keeps your child safe but will give you peace of mind.

Enjoying Motherhood

While there is a massive checklist of things to be aware of as a new mother, it is essential not to stress too much and enjoy the time you have. Babies grow up fast and will be completely different from one week to the next. While it can be stressful and full of worry, in the beginning, you will find that you have it under control. Be sure to research your formula and feed your baby what is best to give them the nutrients they need for their growing body. Look for comfort as you experience changes in your own body and embrace the change. Finally, be aware of car seat rules and laws to keep your baby safe and give yourself peace of mind.

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