13 of the Best and Most Unique Gifts for Travelers

By admin / September 9, 2020

If there’s someone in your life who considers traveling an essential part of life, there are tons of incredible gifts you can give them that will enhance their travel experience.

Whether it’s a friend or family member, frequent travelers are energetic and passionate about the world around them.

Read on for a list of 13 of the best and most unique gifts for travelers so you can make their day.

1. A High-Quality Travel Backpack

Travelers appreciate a good, high-quality backpack that helps them carry everything they need hands-free. Look for a backpack that’s lightweight, waterproof, and durable enough to handle lots of adventuring. A backpack that packs flat in a suitcase or one with RFID protection is an added bonus.

2. Packing Cubes

Cramming everything into a suitcase is a challenge, especially if your traveling friend is going on a long trip. Packing cubes make it easy to compartmentalize items and squeeze them smaller for a perfect fit. You can find these cubes in sets or sold individually and they make great gifts for those who pack lots of items when they travel.

3. Insulated Water Bottles

A plastic water bottle might be fine for quick walks, but true travelers need something a bit more substantial. Insulated water bottles made of stainless steel with a quality lid make a fantastic gift for adventurous travelers. You can customize the bottle with their name to give it a personal touch, too.

4. Unique Gifts for Travelers: Portable Chargers

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your smartphone battery die while you’re on the road. A portable charger or power bank is a great gift for someone who travels a lot. These small chargers pack a powerful punch and can give devices a power boost, even when there’s no electrical outlet anywhere nearby.

5. A Cozy Travel Blanket

It can get chilly on a train or airplane, so a good, warm travel blanket is a must. Give your traveler a soft blanket they can easily compact into their suitcase. Travel blankets are a great choice for campers and hikers, too since they tend to be out in the elements overnight.

6. Scratch Maps

Hardcore travelers want to explore the world, and documenting where they’ve been is a great way to keep track of their adventures. A cool scratch off map poster is the perfect choice for unique gifts for travelers. This map features a coating the traveler can scratch off whenever they visit a country to reveal a different color and document their travels in stylish fashion.

7. Travel Journals

With an adventurous spirit, many travelers love to document their adventures or write down their thoughts. Give your traveler a beautiful journal they can take with them wherever they go. Choose a softcover journal so it’s lightweight and easy to pack.

8. Travel-Themed Glassware

You don’t have to give your traveler a gift they can take with them – a fun, travel-themed item for the home is another great option. Try some unique travel-themed glassware with etchings featuring a world map, individual states, or airplanes. Anything travel-themed will make their day, so choose housewares they can use all year round when they’re not on the go.

9. Luxurious Leather Accessories

Anything leather makes a great gift, and a leather accessory is a luxurious item your traveler will love. You can find leather travel accessories in a variety of colors and by several famous designers. Think passport covers, earbud holders, and luggage tags made of leather to give these accessories a durable feel and a luxe look.

10. Portable Pillows

Napping on trains and planes is tough if you don’t have a decent pillow to bring along. Look for a soft, comfortable, and supportive pillow you can gift to your favorite traveler. These pillows come in a range of styles like an inflatable design, soft memory foam, and more.

11. A Hammock for Campers

If your traveling friend loves the great outdoors, a lightweight, portable hammock makes a terrific and unique gift. Hammocks made of nylon are easy to pack and they’re also extremely light for easy transport. You can find travel hammocks in all kinds of colors, and they’re a great gift for friends who like to sleep outside under the stars.

12. Beautiful Globes

What traveler wouldn’t appreciate a stunning globe as a gift? Give the traveler in your life a gorgeous globe they can proudly display in their home office or living room. Cork globes are a great option, and they can stick a pushpin in the places they’ve traveled for a fun display they’ll love to show off.

13. Smartphone Lens Kits

Today’s modern traveler tends to use a smartphone to take photos rather than a bulky point and shoot camera. Enhance the picture-taking experience with a quality lens kit. These lenses attach to the smartphone to create wide-angle shots, macro shots, and more.

Make Your Favorite Traveler Smile with Amazing Gifts

From mountain climbing to exploring exotic places, you can capture the traveler’s spirit with these unique gifts for travelers. Look for something you can customize to make the gift even more sentimental and unique.

Anything travelers can pack with them is a great option, or you can choose something they can show off in their homes like a scratch map or globe. The more unique the gift, the more your traveling friend or family member will appreciate it.

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