Baby’s First Photos: 5 Tips for the Perfect Picture Shoot

By admin / September 9, 2020

Time is fleeting, and once it’s past, there’s no getting it back. But before time keeps on slippin’ (slippin’, slippin’) into the future, you should capture every important moment that you can.

Those first few months of your new child’s life are some of the cutest, most cherished moments. Be quick, they grow up so fast!

Sorry moms, your baby’s not going to be a newborn forever. But your baby’s first photos are. Every moment, every smile, and every hiccup should be photographed.

Make your baby’s premiere photoshoot glamorous with these 5 tips.

1. Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s no trade secret that lighting is crucial in photography. Often, it’s what stages the entire photoshoot.

A big part of a photoshoot is finding that just-right lighting. For babies and young kids, you can’t go wrong with sunlight.

A blanket strewed across the lawn in the late afternoon is perfect. Kids don’t like to be cooped up in a bunker all day; going outside is naturally fun. So, you’ll get great lighting and a better smile.

If you’re not so outdoorsy, try taking photos near a north-facing window. The sun won’t ever have a direct path through the pane, so it’ll be less harsh. It won’t hurt your baby’s eyes, and it’ll make for a great setting.

2. Simple Backdrops for Your Baby’s First Photos

The focus should be on your baby. And the baby’s focus should be on the camera.

Having a less cluttered background puts emphasis on your subject. A plain drape or some other cloth is all you’ll need.

Having nothing in the vicinity also makes it easier for your baby to concentrate on you behind the camera. Distractions can be frustrating for you and your child.

3. A Comfy Baby Is a Happy Baby

This one should be in every mommy’s playbook. Keeping your baby well-fed and well-rested is imperative to keep them calm.

They don’t want to be there. If they’re fussy, they’ll want to be in the frame even less.

Making your baby happy should be your biggest concern (here and in everyday life). A happy kid makes for a better subject all round.

4. It’s in the Details

Every baby is unique. It’s not some cliche, it’s true. Your baby might have a cute crinkle to their nose when they smile or a furrowed brow that’d make Gordon Ramsay blush.

Capture every detail you can. Appreciate every detail by taking many different pictures. Each focusing on different parts of your newborn.

5. Include Family

Nothing’s more important than family. They should be included in everything. Capturing what your family, as a unit, was like is just as important as photographing your baby.

Pictures of your newborn with their older brother or sister are special. It’s an excellent time for them to bond.

You and your significant other should jump in, too. But don’t let your kids handle the camera. Have a child portrait photographer lend a hand if you don’t have any to spare.

Say Cheese, Please!

Your baby can’t stay a baby forever. That’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to come to terms with.

But you can certainly freeze time in photographs. Get as many pictures of your baby as you can.

Have a photoshoot at home for your baby’s first photos. Include everyone in the family. And make sure your baby’s a happy camper.

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