Points To Remember While Selecting The Right Tile Contractors

By admin / February 21, 2021

Installation of tiles is a challenging task and includes complex patterns, strenuous applications, rushed schedules, and a decent investment. Tile installation cannot be carried out by any individual as it requires appropriate techniques. If you still wish to know the process, read here: https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-put-down-or-install-tile

Even though it is an expensive project, it is still worth investing in. And, if you wish to maintain your tile installation for a long time, you must hire the right contractor. Read further and know what all you need to do while selecting them.

Go for an Experienced and Licensed Contractor

You can save your valuable time and money by hiring an experienced tile contractor who has the required skills and expertise for the project. Instead of hiring a layperson or your brother’s friend, you should work with professionals.

Also, make sure to hire an installer who is licensed, certified, and insured. He should be a member of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), which is compulsory for this job. Training from CTEF (Ceramic Tile Education Foundation) is also required. The CTEF offers training and certifies that they know about the newest techniques and can survive in this

demanding tile industry.

Ask The Following Questions

Learn about the perspective and viewpoint of your contractors by making them answer to sure the following questions:

  • How much time is needed to complete the project?
  • What is the number of tiles required for the project?
  • Do you have any experience with such a project?
  • How big is your taskforce?

Know about Installers

Look for the tile supply shops which have direct contact with the contractors. They can provide you with a list of the best tile contractors in your area. So, before choosing your installers, do take recommendations from those stores. You can also seek recommendations from your friends or families who have already worked with these tile contractors.

Look for the previous work.

Closely look at and examine the previous work of your contractor. Ask them to show you the images of backsplash tile installation and proof of their completed projects. You can even ask for a visit to their previous installation site.

Contact min 3 installers.

To select the best one for your work, you should meet at least three eligible contractors and get bids from them.

Furthermore, you need to discuss the following points with your contractors before hiring them:

  • Project Scope

Before meeting your contractors, consider what all things need to be done and then discuss it with them. You can show your roughly drawn pictures and share your idea of what you expect from your finished project. You can also go for written agreement that will cover the scope and range of the project.

  • Time

Set the time frame with the contractors in which they need to complete the work. Having a time estimate is very necessary as this will help you to plan your other projects accordingly.

  • Cost

Discuss the total cost of your work with the tile contractors beforehand. Make them know your budget and expectations from the project.

  • Clean and Safe

Talk about the importance of cleanliness for you with your installer before beginning the installation process. Make sure that other things which are not part of the work are cleaned and protected.

  • Required Adjustments

During your project, you can have a change of mindset and want to do things in a slightly different manner. Thus, it becomes necessary to discuss with installers how the adjustments and changes will be taken care of in the future. The contractors will most likely charge a new price and set a different time frame for your additional work.

  • Warranty

The two vital components of the warranty are- labor warranty and the materials warranty. In the absence of a warranty, you can be left with the mounting bills of replacing and restoring. You should check the terms and conditions of the contract before installing your tiles.

  • Project Completion

To avoid any inconvenience, pay the installers only when the work is fully finished. Look whether everything has been done accordingly or not.

Hiring a professional tile contractor is always a good idea to ensure the proper installation and longevity of the tiles. Consider the above points while hiring them for your next task and have a hassle-free job completion.


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