How To Plan And Design An Extension

By admin / February 8, 2018

Why move to a new house when you can improve the one you’re currently living in?

There are many different reasons people choose to expand: some to add more space and others to increase the value of their property for selling purposes – both of which are extremely beneficial to the owner. Whilst an extension on your home can prove to be costly, selling up, moving and buying a new home is an even bigger, more challenging task – one that can be saved by a good plan and design to turn your current home into your forever home.

We’ve thrown together a few helpful tips to consider when planning and designing your extension, so we can make the process that little bit easier for you.

1) Be aware of the area! Before you plan an extravagant extension, it’s important to talk to your local estate agent to find out what renovations are popular in the area. Every street has a ceiling value so over-developing your property could lose you money in the long-run, if ever you decide to sell up and move elsewhere. Estate agents will be able to take you through their past sales and what made for the best sale, so that you can tailor your extension and home to those needs for if ever you were to sell.

2) Do your research! Researching is key when it comes to expanding your home. Finding out what kinds of extensions neighbours have and whether it’s worth spending the large amount of money building one. You’ll want to build an extension that is going to benefit the home and add value to it, as well as researching the kinds of people who live within the area. “If your area is full of young professionals, family-friendly extensions are not the way to go,” says Michael O’Flynn of

3) Consider hiring an architect! Though you may think you know exactly how you want your extension to look, a professional’s opinion could never hurt. Like builders are employed to build, architects specialise in designing spaces and could probably help you develop your home into something you couldn’t even dream it would. Throwing ideas back and forth will allow you to comfortably make the final decisions on your home extension. Architects will also manage the building process, so you can carry on day-to-day life as normal whilst your extension is in process.

With many different tasks involved in extending your home, you’ll want to consider which companies are the best to work with, for example, choosing the right people to install any windows or doors that may feature on your extension may prove that the they belong to a different company than those building the extension.

Sometimes it’s easier and safer to hire specialists in each task to avoid any botch jobs, like Clear View, for example, they specialise in windows and doors only, meaning they are fully dedicated to the task of installing yours.

Extending your home can be a daunting project, with plans, money and finding the right people for the job – it’s enough to make anyone run for the hills. Taking your time is the most important thing, no decisions should be made if you are not fully committed or comfortable with them.

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