Is Grey Still a Fashionable Interior Design Colour?

By admin / October 23, 2019
Home Interior, Vertical Blinds, Sliding Door, Blinds

The past few years have seen a real boost to grey as an interior design colour. It has been featured everywhere you could expect. While it has made for some very striking rooms, it has also been criticised as making cold and unappealing rooms. Should you include this colour in your home? Check out some ways you could make grey work here and then keep reading for some more tips and tricks –

Home Interior, Vertical Blinds, Sliding Door, Blinds

A Good Base

One of the best places to use grey in interior design is in grey laminate flooring. This is a simple choice but it can create a room with a lot of impact. A grey floor allows you to play with pretty much any colour in the room above. If you fancy bright colours everywhere else, the floor will become a simple base and a place for the eyes to rest if necessary.

The Perfect Neutral

Grey is also a fantastic neutral colour. Magnolia and beige have been out of fashion for years and white is often considered to be too clinical and stark. Grey is a brilliant middle ground and it can easily be included even in the brightest of rooms.

When decorating, it is best to think in terms of three colours. You ideally want to pick a neutral, a light, and a dark. Grey is a neutral which fits with many other combinations. For example, it looks fantastic with lavender and mustard but also with teal and bright sunshine yellow. No matter what combinations of colour you might want to try, you will be able to find the perfect look for your rooms.

Many Options

Since grey is such a good neutral, you can very easily find it in the shops. There are plenty of pieces of soft furnishings which come in different greys. You can also find paint and floors in the same colour. Finally, since grey is a natural colour, you can find many stone items which might also fit into your home. It does not matter what sort of a personal aesthetic you might have as you will probably be able to find furniture to match.

You can make great use of this by picking big pieces and styling the room around them. For example, if you pick a grey sofa or bed head, you will have plenty of options when it comes to styling the room. Take a look at some key pieces today and try to work out if they would fit your design aesthetics.

It’s Your Home

Try not to tie yourself to trends too much. If you like grey in interior design, feel free to use it. One of the best things about being able to decorate is that the room becomes an extension of ourselves. If you want to have everything in grey then you can do. Likewise, if you would rather keep grey as just one colour in many, you can do so. Have a look at some of the options grey could offer you today.



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