How to Reduce Clutter in Your Home: All the Steps to Take

By admin / December 2, 2019

Compulsive hoarding affects just 1.5 percent of all Americans. But that doesn’t keep most of us from letting certain areas of our homes get cluttered.

Whether it’s a kitchen table that you can’t even eat at because it’s covered in stacks of paper and magazines, or that spare bedroom that has become a storage area for clutter, we all have a space that could be cleaner.

Keep reading to learn how to reduce clutter throughout your home and finally get your space back for good.

Get Rid of Items You No Longer Use

Before you can start organizing or cleaning up your space, you first need to get rid of some of the clutter.

After all, clutter usually happens as you run out of space in a room or your whole home to store things away. Without empty shelves, room in your closets, or other storage spaces open, you’ll be more likely to give in to the temptation to toss your belongings just anywhere.

While tossing out old newspapers or donating clothing you never wear can help, it’s also a good idea to  recycle old smartphones and get rid of any larger items you no longer use. Unused furniture, old appliances stored in a basement, or other large household items take up valuable space.

To help you get rid of these and other clutter in your home, check out this service to see how you can get it all hauled away with ease.

Add Some Organization

Once you’ve gotten rid of anything you aren’t using anymore, it’s time to start organizing what is left.

To keep yourself from simply stacking things on countertops or piling them on the floor, it’s time to add some organization.

Adding some shelves or using existing ones to stack baskets is one great way to store smaller items. The baskets act as a handy catch-all, while also hiding away your clutter. Use smaller baskets to separate smaller items by type. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for later on.

If there are items that you’d like to keep, but that you don’t use regularly, look for ways to organize these items out of sight. You might place them in labeled boxes in a basement, or add a shelving unit to the inside of a closet to make it easy to stack and store items you don’t want out in the open.

Scale Back Your Spending Habits

After you’ve cleared out your clutter and organized your home, it’s time to prevent the same thing from simply happening again.

Besides learning to put things away when you’re done with them, you might want to also rethink your spending habits.

If you’re someone who buys a lot of magazines that then sit around gathering dust, consider switching to an e-reader so that you can still enjoy your favorite read, but without the paper.

If you buy far too many clothes that you barely wear, train yourself to avoid stores where you might be tempted to pick up another top you don’t need.

Changing your habits will go a long way towards reducing clutter in your home int the future.

How to Reduce Clutter and Get Your Living Space Back

Now that you know how to reduce clutter, it’s time to finally get your living space back.

With less clutter to deal with, you’ll also spend less time cleaning and staying organized in the future. Use your new-found free time to check out our blog to find a new hobby, learn a new skill, or check out the latest breaking news!

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