How to Go About Your Winter Home Cleaning Duties

By admin / November 8, 2019

As the winter rolls in, you can be certain that your lifestyle will change in those rhythmic, comforting ways that season’s changes tend to bring about. You’ll start swapping clothes into your wardrobe that keep you warmer, you’ll start cooking nourishing winter food to protect against the cold, and you’ll begin preparing for the festive season. Equally, though, you’ll be spending a lot more time inside your home – the place that’s warmest and coziest. As such, the winter is an excellent time to clean your home and to keep it tidy as you invite guests to celebrate and relax in the warm and nurturing confines of your home. This article shows you how to make your home clean for the winter period.


After hot summers, homes tend to get filled with dust. Dust from outside gathers on surfaces, and the dust from flakes of your skin and other minuscule bits and bobs will gather around your home. Inside this, blankets of dust may reside germs that can infect you during the winter months. Meanwhile, of course, breathing in dust is a key contributor to lung illnesses and can be terrible for asthmatics. Get dusting, removing all the gathered dust with a damp flannel, in order to live in a cleaner, more infection-free home.

Hard-to-Reach Places

It’s those places that are hardest to reach that you often miss when you’re doing a brief clean of your home. It’s also here that some of the worst messes can gather and accumulate in the form of dropped and rotting food, mold, or other fairly disgusting spills that you weren’t aware of. If winter is to be your deep cleaning inspiration, keep an eye out for spills in the following locations:

  • Under cupboards, wardrobes and all kitchen areas
  • To the side and underneath your trash can – where some litter will end up on the floor
  • In all corners of bathrooms and toilets – it’s best to give the whole room a once-over
  • In places that you’re conscious that you never look; follow your nose if you sense a spill

By probing your home for sources of smells and spills, you’ll be able to quash them before they become dirty and unsafe, leaving your home with a residual freshness for the months ahead.

Carpets and Floors

Whereas your home in the summer may have felt like a paradise of breezy rooms bathed in sunlight, winter is quite a different story. At this time, you’ll be ducking into your home out of the rain, sleet or snow, and you’ll be bringing in water, mud, and dirt. Try as you may to clean your shoes, you’ll dirty your floors, including your carpets. As such, you should look to Bayswater carpet cleaners in order to get the dirt and smells out of your carpet once and for all – leading your home to look and smell pristine.

Festive Touches

And, as it’s Christmas in just over a month, why not add some festive touches in order to get your home smelling incredible and fittingly of the Yuletide. Some holly, ivy, mistletoe or branches from Christmas trees can all lead your home towards that delightful cozy festive smell – the finishing touches of your deep clean.

Clean your home deeply this winter with the tips outlined above.


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