Short Guide to Balance your Career and Motherhood

By admin / November 8, 2019

It is no secret that being a working mom is tough. Many new mothers have no idea how to juggle and their responsibilities as a parent. As a working mom, it always feels like there is one more thing you need to address. So how to successful career women who are also parents cope?

Well, the pressure is definitely a lot, but there is always a way in difficult situations. Once the short maternity leave is over, reality dawns on you that it’s not business as usual. To avoid the shock, make sure you come up with a strategy before the maternity leave is over.

You might be looking at other moms and thinking to yourself that they’re supermoms. Remind yourself that if they can do it, you, too, can do it. It is possible to make a mark in your career and still be an amazing parent to your kids.

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Release the Guilt

Most working mums have a guilty conscience because they feel they’re choosing work over their kids. If you want to succeed as a working mum, you first have to release this guilt. Understand that before the kids come into the picture, you had a thriving career. Just because you are now a mum does not mean you should drop everything and care for your kids. After all, how will you be able to give them the best life if you don’t have a source of income? Once you release the guilt, you’ll be able to balance your career and motherhood perfectly.

Find Quality Childcare

Since you cannot be around the kids all the time, ensure you find quality childcare. If your kids are school-going children, ensure you enroll them in the best schools. This gives you peace of mind when you’re not with them.

Remember that childhood experiences play a huge role in how people turn out to be. Try as much as you can to shield your kids from negative experiences. Every time your child is going through a hard transition, ensure you’re there to hold their hand every step of the way.

Stay Connected with your Kids

Since kids today can carry their smartphones to school, you can easily stay connected with them throughout the day. If your child is at daycare, ensure you communicate with the caregiver at regular intervals throughout the day. Knowing what is going on with your kids gives you peace of mind. This way, you can fully focus on making it in the career world.

Assign Chores

When your kids are older, make sure they help you around the house. To avoid conflict, ensure you assign chores to all the kids. Make chores a fun thing to do so that the kids don’t frown when you ask them to help you with something.

Consider cooking with the kids so that you can spend quality time together. Also remember that no matter how busy you are, you should eat together with the kids. Mealtime is the only time in a household; everyone is in one space. Try as much as you can to finish all work in the office, so you don’t bring work home. After all, you’ll hardly find time to help your kids with their assignments.


Every mum can pursue a career and still be an amazing parent. As a mother, ensure you don’t prioritize work over your kids because both of them are equally important.


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