How to Get Pet Hair off Clothes with or without a Lint Roller?

By admin / November 11, 2019
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Having pets in your life is a wonderful thing. They provide comfort, love, and happiness all the days of their lives. They keep you company when you are sad, and they celebrate with you when you are happy. They don’t ask for much, just a little attention and, of course, food and water so that they can survive.

Pets are wonderful and all but one thing that cannot be denied is that their fur can become a problem. It can be a problem especially with dogs and cats with long hair which could get stuck all over the house and on to your clothes. Even when they don‘t necessarily have long hair, fur can still get stuck on your clothes and washing your clothes won’t take them off. A lint roller will do but only for your special clothes like your suite and slacks for special occasions because using a lint roller regularly will cost you a lot of money.

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A lint roller is a one sided adhesive on a hard surface that is rolled and attached to a handle so that you can roll it over your clothes or upholstery. This is mainly used in removing fur from surfaces and can cost you so much money. Thankfully, there is a way on how to get dog hair off clothes without lint roller. There are actual remedies that you can do for this problem. Of course, you can also try to pick them out one by one with a puller but that will take you forever.

Sponge & Hot Water

If you don’t have a lint roller at hand and you need to remove fur off your clothes, then here is a remedy for you. This is convenient when you are about to go to a party and find out that the clothes you we’re planning to wear is actually full of pet fur.

What you can do first is hang it somewhere in the bathroom close to the shower or faucet. Make sure to hang it so that the process becomes easier. Now, take a clean sponge and soak it with hot water. After soaking it, you need to wring the sponge as much as you can and let all the water out until it is only slightly damped. With this damp sponge, you can brush it down on your clothes to remove the fur. This way, the fur will get stuck on the foam or fall down on the floor.

If there are big chunks of hair stuck on the sponge, make sure to remove it from the foam so that you can continue to effectively remove hair from your clothes with the use of the warm and slightly damped sponge. Do this until all the hair on your clothes is removed. There you have it: hair-free clothes.

By doing this though, your outfit will become damp or a little wet. So make sure to do this long before you need to use it already. Or you can throw it in the dryer for a few minutes just to make sure that it is completely dry. Here are some tips to dry things quickly:

Masking Tape

If you don’t have a lint remover with you at the time of need, you might need to improvise. One common house item that you can use to remove fur from your clothing is masking tape. As a lint remover is also an adhesive, you can use a masking type just like one. The difference is you can’t roll this.

So what you do is cut a piece of masking tape around 5 inches long and start dabbing it on to your clothing to remove the dog hair. This will take a little long than a roller but will have the same effect. Once the tape is full of hair, throw it in the bin and cut yourself another piece. Keep on dabbing on to your clothes area by area until you have covered the whole thing and no more hair is visible on what you are going to wear.

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Pet Hair Vacuum

There is one last option that you can choose to remove fur from surfaces. This will cost a little on the onset but is worth it since you don’t have to keep on buying a new one. You can even use this to clean other surfaces like your floor, tables, cabinets, and everything inside the house. This machine is capable of removing hair from anything aside from your head, of course!

A pet hair vacuum is effective in removing pet hair from your coat, dress, or slacks. You can even use it to remove fur from suede.

A lint remover is useful but it’s not the only option. Make sure to always find ways to remove pet hair from your clothing most especially when you go to social events. It’s okay to broadcast that you have pets but it is better to always look clean.


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