Everyone’s Favorite Family Member: Why Every Family Should Consider Getting a Pet

By admin / February 1, 2019

A family pet is more than just some domesticated animal you chose to keep around. They are a part of your daily routine and provide as much for you as you do for them.

No matter what kind of household you run, there is a pet that is sure to love you and your way of life if you make the time and accommodation for them.

Whether its a dog, cat, ferret or rat, there is a family pet that is sure to love every bit of what you have to offer them. Let’s dig up the facts about what it takes to bring an animal into your household.

From apartment to garden, park to porch. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dog person or cat-lady, all domesticated critters need love and have an abundance to give you and your loved ones!

Different Family Pets, Different Family Dynamics

Have you ever dreamed of adopting a great big dog, like the ones you see so lovingly loyal to their owners at the park? Or does a cat’s intuition and skills fascinate you and spark energy of your own?

Well, no matter your animal interests, your living situation will determine what family pet is right for you. For other fun pet care tips you may not know, read more here and be the best animal owner you can be.


Are you a homeowner with a spacious back yard? Good news, any dog will love your home. Even a rental space like an apartment, with lots of room and a next-door park, can be suitable for Great Danes and Terriers alike. 

Space is crucial for your pet. Especially dogs. A pet owner must understand that their animal depends on you for all of their needs. This includes space to run, play, exercise and go to the bathroom.

Though some only need your love and affection for happiness, its best to have the space available (preferably nature) to let them be their own creature and do the natural things they instinctually do.

If you are limited on space and want a furry companion, don’t be discouraged. You see, there are millions of animals across the nation that are looking for a good home to go to.

Most folks want a puppy or kitten to raise and have as their baby. However, shelters house abandoned and homeless animals of all types, many of which are old and want nothing more than a loving family to feed and care for them.

Remember, shelters are only that… a shelter. These domesticated animals need a home. If you find yourself apartment bound and have no allergies, there is a small dog or cat that has lived its life of excitement and needs care and love.

Bring an old animal new hope with a safe car ride home.


We all occasionally find our selves without enough time in the day. From work to workouts, groceries to cooking, you may be left with very little time to make a rambunctious Border Collie content and unwound.

The importance of spending time with your animal is a top priority. You must be able to feed them when they need to be fed, let them potty when they feel they need to among other crucial factors.

Domesticated animals need love and attention. Not just for the sake of your shoes, but for their mental sanity. If your schedule leaves you with little time to spend maintaining and loving your animal but you still need a companion, an outdoor cat is a great option.

These radical felines love their space and alone time to sneak around outdoors and catch what they can. Let them in at night for warm nights, food, indoor play, and love.

While not everyone can have any pet, there is sure to be an adoptable friend to fit your schedule. Keep in mind that taking on an animal means you are their lifeline and responsible for them at all times.

Put your self in their shoes, and ask if you’d like living alongside an owner with a schedule such as yours.

Dog People

Cats have been mentioned for all types of folks. They are incredibly adaptable and independent creatures.

However, if you find yourself homeward bound more often than not, with room to let loose and nature is abundant… If you have the time, space, and physical ability, a high-activity dog can literally be your best friend. 

From the ever so clever Blue Heeler to the lake-savvy Labrador; active working, herding, and hunting dogs are some of the most loyal and thrilling pals you can hang with.

These types of dogs are great for active folks and families who enjoy the outside world and aren’t afraid to bring furry dude along with them. From the mountain bike trail to the back yard, dogs offer unimaginable entertainment and can help you become a better person.

It takes dedication and time to train a dog to act as it should, but they are willing to please. Be smart and wise and your dog will not only be good for you but live a happy and fulfilling life.

All Animals Are Good Animals

No matter what animal you find suitable as a family pet, it’s your responsibility to keep them happy and healthy. Hedgehog to Doberman, a pet depends solely on you as its main source of food, water, shelter, and love. 

There are special times in a families life that adopting a newly born creature can be a special learning experience. However, that isn’t everyone’s situation.

Be sure to observe your own environment and lifestyle to chose an animal that is best for you and potentially your family. After all, once you adopt a pet, you then have your own family! 

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