How to Declutter and Get Rid of Unwanted Items From Your Home

By admin / March 4, 2022


Do you find yourself buried under a pile of junk that even Marie Kondo herself can’t save you from? If the thought of clearing out the clutter is sparking less than joy then you’re not alone.

The average American holds roughly 300,000 items in their homes and some have even gone as far as renting storage to contain everything.

So if you’re wondering how to declutter with the least amount of effort, then there is a way.

Read on for an easy plan on tips to declutter your home.

Do You Have Time?

The most important question is whether you have the time to declutter. Sorting through your home and garage is no walk in the park, and you will need to set some time aside for this activity.

If you know that you can’t commit then it might be better to dispose of unwanted items from a professional removals company like Stress Free Junk Hauling.

Pile It Up

So where to start decluttering?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight. First, start with one room to help keep you focused. Take everything that you have not used in a year and put it all in a pile ready for sorting.

This will help you to instantly clear up the room and give you an idea of how much space there is in your storage areas. Seeing a room free of junk will make you more rational when it comes to discarding items. You’ll also be able to think about whether you do have room to keep things.

Sorting Piles

Now it’s time to get rid of junk by sorting the pile into four boxes – trash, donate, keep or sell. Anything that’s in good condition and reusable can go in the donations box, and items that have had their day can be thrown into the trash.

For items that are worth selling, set them aside but make sure that you can fetch at least $20 or higher for them. Items with a value lower than this are not worth your time selling. This will stop you from building up too many items to sell which can turn into another chore.

Finally, box up everything that you can’t seem to part with and keep that in storage. Do not put these items back in the room – the reason for this is to see whether you will use the items in a year (or six months).

If it’s untouched, then you can donate without feeling guilty.

How To Declutter Large Items

Sometimes clearing out is a little more complex. For example, large appliances and leftover building materials can be difficult to dispose of. You can always try leaving the items out on the curb with a sign for people to take or upload onto websites like Craigslist.

Keep in mind that decluttering your home is a process. But if you’re still wondering how to declutter after trying repeatedly, then it may be time for you to call in a professional.

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