Bringing Your Living Room to Life: A Guide

By admin / March 7, 2022

No matter how much time you spend at home, you will always find that your living room (along with the kitchen) will end up being the hub of your home. As your living room gets a lot of use, wouldn’t it be nice to have a room that reflects you, your personality and your style? So, how do you go about creating this wonderful space? How can you start bringing your living room to life? Before undertaking a project, it is important to really think about what you want to achieve. If you start a project before establishing exactly what you want then you may end up with a living room that you are not happy with (or even contented with).

Getting a Plan Together

So, what would you like your living room to look like, and what would you like it to feature? Are you after a specific look or style, or are you after a space that is unique to you and your loved ones? When you are putting together a plan for your living room, you may find it beneficial to look at how you want your layout to look. Getting the layout of your room just right is important, because you want to be sure that the space flows easily.

Love Your Old Furniture

When you are making over your living room it can be tempting to start over; however, do you need to? You already have lots of beautiful furniture that you can continue to use in your new design and layout. To make the most out of your furniture, you may want to look at refurbishing your antique furniture or you may want to look at upcycling those pieces that are looking a little bit tired and worn. If your furniture is still usable and functional then there is no need to take it to the dump – instead focus on giving it a new lease of life.

Incorporate New Color Schemes

New color schemes can give your living room a fresh and warm feel. When you are deciding on color schemes it can often help to think about how light or dark a room is. If a room is naturally bright with the help of windows, you will not want to make it too dark. Similarly, if you have a smaller and darker living room, you may well want to focus on lightening it up as much as possible. When it comes to choosing color schemes, try and choose colors that you love and enjoy. Even if they do clash – does this matter as long as you enjoy them?

Add a Focal Point

What are your eyes currently drawn to in your living room – if anything? Having a focal point in your living room is essential. Whether the focal point is a real (or fake) fireplace, a comfortable reading nook, or even a beautiful piece of antique furniture, it doesn’t matter. Simply having a focal point to draw in the eye is what is important.


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