How Do You Improve the Lighting in A Room?

By admin / October 19, 2020

When it comes to lightening a space up, there are many things you can do. This is great as a dark room feels very cave-like. If you’re planning on selling your home, such spaces would turn buyers away. We touched on 6 things that can help, read ahead.

Replacement Windows

Get new windows added. Although the most extreme fix, they do the trick. There’d be so much natural light coming in that you’d save in electricity in the long-run. There are Vancouver windows suppliers who can help you out. You’d easily be able to snag a deal.

While on the topic of windows, not only can they make the space brighter, but they can affect how insulated it is too. Don’t be afraid to ditch the ones you currently have for triple glass windows.

Artificial Light

More artificial light is the easiest way to lighten the space. First look at your light fixtures. The bulbs in place may not be that bright. Getting ones with more juice would stop the room from looking so dark. If you don’t have many fixtures, that’s okay. You can purchase lamps.

Shiny Surfaces

Yes, the space is dark. But there’s probably a bit of light coming in. To help spread it throughout, you’d get a hold of objects with shiny surfaces. In terms of what they can be, mirrors are good. Any reflective ornaments would work as well. Many homeowners swear-by making their floors shiny. They say it diffuses the most light.

Light Furniture

You won’t be doing yourself a favor with a lot of dark furniture. They would absorb light, not reflecting it. Touching on color, the shade of your curtains is important. If they’re dark, they’d stop light from entering. This is true if they’re thick too.


No, you don’t need to add or remove plants to the space. But you should look at the ones surrounding the vicinity. If there are large trees outside, they could be limiting the amount of natural light from coming in. Not just trees, bushes and other large plants can do this too.


Probably the easiest thing to stop your room from looking like a den is regularly wiping your windows down. They could have a lot of muck on them. The dirt would act as filters, dispersing the light.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Several things can brighten a space up. Some are easier than others. The most effective thing would be to place new windows. They are investments as there’d be so much light coming in, you wouldn’t have to spend on artificial lighting. You can save even more by looking around for contractors – you’d get the best deal.

Something else that would brighten things up would be lightbulbs with more watts. But everyone agrees that more natural light is superior to artificial.

To help natural light come in, attend to the plants that may be blocking your windows. There could be dirt on their glass too.

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