5 Tips to Prevent DUIs

By admin / October 19, 2020

When it comes to DUIs, they’re serious business and can tarnish your record. That’s why you should make note of these tips. We discussed 5 things that can reduce the chances of you getting one.

Don’t Drink Too Much

You may be at a party where you’re forced to drink. You can’t help it, so make sure that you don’t drink too much before hitting the road. With a lot of alcohol in your system, not only would you be putting your life and several others in danger, but you’ll find yourself in trouble. You’ll be driving sloppily, increasing the chances of a police officer stopping you. With just a bit of alcohol in your system, you’d be in your senses enough to not get caught.

Eat Before You Leave

Consume as much food as possible before getting on the road. The food would slow down the intake of the alcohol in your system. Good foods to eat would be anything salty. If you were at a party, there’d most likely be pretzels. Go to town.

What Condition Is Your Vehicle In?

Make note of how your car is doing. You’ll face DUI charges if it isn’t in good condition. Because if it has a damaged headlight or something else that’s concerning, the police would stop you. When they speak to you, they’d realize that you’re under the influence. Cops especially pull vehicles over for things, like expired tags at night.

Where Are Your Documents?

Touching on not getting caught, ensure that your documents are in easy-to-reach spots. You might fumble getting them otherwise, making the cops suspicious of you. This would warrant a Field Sobriety Test. Don’t forget that DUIs are serious – you’ll need a criminal lawyer to get out of it, so something simple like changing the location of your documents can save you.

Focus on The Road

You may be someone that can drive while talking or listening to the radio. You shouldn’t take advantage of this when under the influence. Your reaction time is impaired; listening to music would increase the chances of getting into an accident. Not only should you limit your distractions, but your eyes shouldn’t leave the road. With them glued to it, you’d get yourself home safe.

Final Thoughts

You probably shouldn’t drink before driving. However, it can’t be avoided at times. To ensure that you’ll be safe, avoid how much alcohol you consume. You’ll be in your senses more. You’d also be in your senses more if you eat before getting behind the wheel. The food would reduce how fast your body takes the alcohol up. If you get pulled over by the police, you won’t do anything suspicious to warrant a Field Sobriety Test.

The best ways to avoid DUIs are not only drinking less but maintaining the condition of your car and focusing on the road. They’d reduce the chances of the cops stopping you. So, make note of these points to be safe on the road.


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