Four Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Renovating Your Living Room

By admin / October 25, 2019

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your house; you spend time with your family in it; you have movie nights in it; you relax after a long day at work there; simply put, you spend numerous hours enjoying it. When you redesign your living room, you want it to be perfect. If it’s not, you’ll notice all the factors you could have improved on every day you spend in it.

Just like renovating any other room in your house, it will require a lot of planning. Here are the top things to remember when you design your new living room.

Where the Lighting Comes in

Lighting is important for all of the rooms in your house, but especially the living room. Most people will have their television in the living room, because it is the center room in your house. Televisions are very sensitive to light. If there’s too much light, the screen becomes incredibly difficult to see.

Plan to place your television away from direct streams of light. This means not directly in the line of sight from your windows, otherwise the sunlight can be intrusive when you are trying to immerse yourself in a movie.

The Quality of Your Radiators

When the colder months rear their head, you will want your living room to be prepared for the chilled evenings that make you reach for your blanket. Install high quality radiators, like those from, that have excellent heat output to effectively warm your living room.

The placement of your radiators is also important. While you may want to put a couch in front of the radiator for more space, this can restrict the heat that comes from the radiator and prevent it from circulating around the room effectively. It is best to keep the radiator fairly exposed for increased heat circulation.

How Much Space You Actually Have

Living rooms are busy places, especially if you like to have guests over regularly. The more guests you have, the more seating you will need in your living room; however, too many armchairs and couches can clutter the space especially in small living rooms.

Think about the flow of the living room when you arrange your furniture. Is there still room to walk around freely the living room? If there isn’t, you may want to think about reducing the amount of furniture you have in the room or rearranging it for a more effective flow.

The Color of Your Carpet

Lighter colors work wonders to brighten up a room, but if you have a young family, then a light carpet may not be the best choice when renovating your living room. It is difficult to remove stains from light carpets and cleaning them can become a chore. If you still want light flooring in your living room, a better option may be light wooden flooring with a rug.

Renovating any room requires numerous hours of planning and back and forth beforehand, but the end result should all be worth it.


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