Five tips to make your bathroom feel bigger

By admin / December 17, 2019

From compact ensuites to palatial spaces, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us will be very familiar with wash areas in our homes that are more on the smaller side – and plenty of us will want to make these rooms seem as spacious as possible.

What can you do, though – isn’t there only so much you can do to create this illusion? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do. These are just some of the best hacks that could make your bathroom feel larger.

Use light colors

Pale, soft color schemes usually give the illusion of more space. Avoid strong, bold colors and instead, go for pastel tones for neutrals and whites for backgrounds. You can also get the feeling of serenity from cool colors such as blues, greens, and purples. Use bright highlights for items like accessories and towels.

As with the walls, your floor will open up if that’s also in a lighter shade. If you can’t replace your flooring, then you could put a large, light-colored rug over the top.

Eliminate clutter

A clean and neat bathroom will seem more spacious than one that’s cluttered and dirty. Make sure you have essential must-have items in view and put everything else away. Spend a bit of time organizing your storage areas in a closet or vanity unit so you can make the most of what you already have.

Use clear glass or curtains

Like with open shelves, clear glass lets the eye travel the full length of the room. So look to add clear glass doors around a shower or bath if these are within your budget. If a shower curtain makes more sense for you, then use a clear one of these: it’s a modern look that will give the effect of more space because you can see through it.

Go for big tiles

If you’re going to do a bathroom renovation, choose large tiles over smaller ones. This is because the smaller the tile, the more grout lines you’ll have – which will visually break up the space, rather than creating one long line. If you can, use the same tiles throughout your space.

For bathroom upgrade work, such as this, you may wish to use a brand such as Beautiful Bathrooms of Letchworth to help you with designing your new bathing space. They can assist with replacing or repairing items in your bathroom, or even give you advice on what items will be the best for you to choose.

Have floating furniture

If you rely on drawers to hide your bathroom clutter, then you could think about having a vanity unit with no legs. These will attach to the wall and keep your floor clear, so your room will look more spacious.

You can even have a wall-hung toilet if your bathroom is tiny. Again, this is a great option to have more room and will give the eye more floor space – creating the illusion that the area is bigger.

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