Fireplace Tools and Rubber Sheets For Sale? Here’s What You Need

By admin / November 29, 2018

More and more people are reversing the work that has been done in closing up the hearths which they have in the house and are instead opening up the chimneys to enjoy a real fire in the home. This is something which happened a lot during the 90s but thankfully now more people are enjoying the unique experience which an open fire in the home can give them. Sitting by an open fire is a truly remarkable experience and the sounds, the smells and of course they warmth are just magical, especially on a winter’s night. To ensure that you are properly prepared you need to ensure that you have plenty of fuel, and that you have cleaned out the hearth. You can find plenty of tools and rubber sheets for sale for your fireplace and here are the essentials that you will need.

Rubber Sheeting

As we have just mentioned fireproof rubber sheeting is a key component of your fire and it should be used in and around the fireplace. This rubber sheeting simply protects the materials underneath and around the fire from being damaged and helps with fireplace safety.


Don’t mess around trying to move things in the fire once it gets going as it will not end very well, instead pick up some cast iron tongs with heat resistant handles so that you can easily manage the fire. The tongs should be long in length so that you will be able to manage the fire without getting close enough to burn yourself.

Fire Shield

A screen is a very good idea to put in front of your fire and t can actually prove to be a very good safety feature. Whist it isn’t common, history shows that even the smallest ember from the fire can cause a house fire if it escapes the hearth and lands on a carpet or even a rug. A good quality fire screen will ensure that those embers stay where they belong, in the fire.


A poker can help you to move the fire about as well as piercing the fire to ensure that air can flow through it. Much like the tongs you should ensure that the poker is made of cast iron, that it has a heat resistant handle and most importantly that it is long enough for you not to get too close.


Fires sometimes need a little bit of encouragement to get going so a good set of bellows can help you do this. Bellows can pump air into the fire which gives the flames much needed oxygen. You will use this when starting the fire or when the fire begins to die out, and it needs to be resuscitated.

Try to find accessories which match so that you can put them on display on the fireplace, making them both ornament and useful tools.

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