7 Questions to Ask a Prospective Housemate

By admin / December 17, 2021

Choosing the right housemate can be very challenging. It’s almost impossible to tell exactly what someone will be like before you’ve tried living with them. But there are several questions you can ask to determine whether a prospective housemate could be the right fit for you.

Are You a Tidy Person?

If you’re a tidy person yourself, this could be a dealbreaker. It’s not likely that someone would admit to being very messy when they’re trying to find someone to live with, but it does give a potential new housemate the opportunity to disclose any of their bad habits. Be open with prospective housemates about what might be a dealbreaker for you when it comes to tidiness around the home.

Do You Like to Socialise at Home?

Asking this question can help to you discover whether you and a potential housemate are the right match. If you enjoy socialising at home, you might fit well with a housemate who also likes to have friends over at the weekends. If you prefer your alone time, a housemate who prefers socialising outside may work better.

What Makes You Stressed?

Learning more about what makes someone feel stressed can help you figure out whether this could cause issues at home. If you tend to be quite messy at home and an untidy room makes your prospective housemate feel stressed, you might need to look elsewhere.

What’s Your Least Favourite Job in the Home?

You can find a compatible housemate by discussing the things you both like and dislike to do around the home. Try to find somebody who doesn’t mind doing the tasks you hate and can’t stand the jobs you quite enjoy.

What Are You Looking For?

This basic question is open-ended and gives the other person the chance to tell you more about what they’re looking for in a room or a home. It’s particularly useful if you’re looking to fill a vacant room at your property. When someone is trying to find a room for rent, it can be difficult to find the right place. Knowing more about the other person’s expectations can help you to decide whether they are a good fit.

How Do You Spend Your Weekends?

Not only will this give you an insight into your prospective housemate’s personality, but it will also tell you more about what they will be like to live with. Somebody who likes partying at the weekend might not be compatible with someone who prefers a quieter time.

Tell Me About Your Perfect Housemate

This allows you to learn more about what the other person is looking for. Be honest if there are areas you don’t believe would match up, or if you think you could be a great fit to live together.

By asking a few searching questions, you can find out more about whether a potential housemate could be the right person for you to live with.


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