5 Must-Have Apps for Your HVAC

By admin / December 4, 2019

These days, just about every device we have can communicate with each other and with your cell phone. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the home and workplace are no exception. Today’s smart HVAC thermostats can be set to maximize energy efficiency and adjusted remotely. HVAC professionals have an arsenal of powerful diagnostic and teaching tools at their fingertips. All can be used together to make the home or business comfortable and energy-efficient.

Here are five must-have apps for your HVAC that you should get to improve your system’s efficiency:

HVAC Buddy


This app specifically designed for HVAC technicians is a powerhouse when it comes to diagnostics. HVAC Buddy can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet and allows you to monitor and adjust the HVAC unit you are working on. The app allows you to measure cooling and airflow, while also diagnosing causes for leaks, overcharge, and contaminants. The program is so capable that it will make a diagnosis, then email the complete system status report to you or your client’s e-mail address.

HVAC Tech Terminal

The  HVAC Tech Terminal is a studying and training app for HVAC professionals. In addition to serving as an on-line HVAC glossary, complete with over 700 industry-specific terms, the HVAC Tech Terminal application also generates flashcards and quizzes to test the aspiring HVAC technician’s working knowledge. This app comes with a complete dictionary installed.

Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR

This powerful HVAC resource provides detailed information on over thirty of the common refrigerants used in commercial and private HVAC systems. The Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR application delineates appropriate temperature and pressure settings for the different types of gasses included, along with detailing the gas’ working properties and potential hazards to be avoided.

HVAC Check & Charge

The HVAC Check & Charge app is invaluable for calculating the amount of charge an HVAC technician will need to apply in order for the HVAC system to function at its most efficient. The HVAC Check & Charge app can be used to calculate airflow, sub-cooling, and super-heating.

Duct Calc Elite

The Duct Calc Elite app is an energy-saver. This user-friendly application allows the HVAC technician to easily measuring duct size, flow rate, velocity, and drop. This simple to use application makes determining the exact size of the ducting that needs to be run a snap, saving the HVAC installer time and money.

Controlling Costs by Using a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can save the home or business owner money in a variety of different ways. The thermostat can be adjusted to slightly increase or decrease the temperature settings during times when people are out of the home, at work or at school. Remote climate control lets one adjust these settings from offsite. Say work requires the homeowner to stay late for a meeting: With a few clicks on the phone, they can instruct the smart thermostat to remain in an energy-efficient mode for a few extra hours and cut heating or cooling costs.

Use any tool at your disposal to make your HVAC system running more efficiently. Between smart thermostats and these apps, streamlining your system just got a little easier.


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