4 Reasons Why the Right Flooring is Important

By admin / March 20, 2020

When it comes to decorating your home, the choice of flooring might be one of the last things you think about. For most people, their focus is on a change of color scheme, furnishings and artwork to hang on the walls. All of these areas are important in the process, but choosing the right flooring is equally worth your attention. Here are a few reasons as to why picking a carpet instead of wood, or terracotta tiles instead of granite is important.


Depending on which room of the house you’re redecorating, consider how warm you want the space to feel. All flooring should have an insulating layer between it and the bare floorboards underneath, but even so carpets will keep in the warmth better than wooden flooring. Therefore, having carpets placed in bedrooms and living rooms will help to keep them feeling snug.

The Overall Look

You might be trying to achieve a particular look in a space, such as a modern bathroom. Matching the flooring to the rest of the décor will be essential in completing the look. For example, a modern bathroom would look best with large ceramic tiles on the floor – although some wooden flooring can look equally impressive. In fact, dining rooms look particularly elegant with wood floors, like the ones offered by woodfloors-farnham.co.uk and similar flooring specialists. Look at some interior design magazines or websites for some inspiration.


Naturally, some flooring options are easier to clean that others. If you are going to have carpets, be prepared to have them cleaned at least once a year. You can either do this yourself at home with carpet cleaner or you can hire a professional service to do this for you. Although you don’t have to do this as regularly, it is recommended as your carpet will constantly be picking up dirt and dust, and a vacuum cleaner will only clean up so much. You will be amazed at the difference a thorough clean will have on your carpets!

Vinyl, tiles and wooden floors are generally easier to clean. Wooden flooring might require varnishing once in a while though, to refresh and improve the overall appearance of the wood. Make sure you are using the correct varnish though, as different types of wood will have varying specifications.


Consider the room you’re redecorating – what’s it’s purpose? This should come into your decision making over the floor. A kitchen shouldn’t have a carpet, not with all the food scraps and spills, not to mention it could be a potential fire hazard. Hard floors are best for these areas, as they are easy to clean and less likely to go up in flames quickly. If you are decorating your kid’s room, a durable carpet might be a good idea to avoid easy wear and tears.

It might not be the first thing you think about when you’re planning to redecorate a space, but the flooring options should be considered carefully to help bring a room together.

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