4 Pieces of Furniture that Will Help Keep You Organized

By admin / September 30, 2019

Since the global decluttering trend started with Marie Kondo and her wildly popular show last year, organization and tidiness have become a goal for many who overlooked it before. People are finding new ways to stay organized and keep everything neat and tidy, whether that means downsizing and getting rid of old, unwanted items, or coming up with creative and clever ways to store everything.

For those who don’t have a lot of storage space in your homes, there’s no need to be discouraged. You can get different pieces of furniture that doesn’t take up much space but offers extra storage so everything can have its own place. Here are the four best pieces of furniture for extra storage that can fit in any space.

1. A sideboard

Designer sideboards are not only fully functional, but they’re also trendy and stylish pieces of furniture. They can add elegance to any space while also keeping your room tidy and clutter-free. Not sure what to look for when choosing a sideboard? Luluna has some great tips and advice that can help you pick the perfect one.

Sideboards are perfect pieces to use for extra storage or shelving space, especially if you don’t have very much space for your belongings to begin with. You can get sideboards with doors that hide all your knick-knacks and other clutter to keep that extra neat and tidy look. Alternatively, if you have a collection you want to display, a sideboard with a glass door—or no door at all—can help you subtly show it off while still keeping everything tidy and tucked away.

2. Storage bed frames

When replacing your bed frame, choose one that has storage underneath to maximize all your available space. If you don’t have much storage space in your bedroom, this is a no-brainer solution. You can keep bigger items under your bed that normally take up a large amount of space in your closet, like extra blankets, sheets, and towels. That way, you can clear away some much-needed space for your other belongings like clothes, shoes, and accessories. You could also keep off-season clothes here and swap them out as the season’s change.

3. An ottoman

Some may think an ottoman is a fancy piece of furniture, but they are also quite versatile and practical — making them perfect for storage. Sometimes called storage stools, ottomans open up on top and allow you to store items inside it to keep clutter hidden away from sight. They work well in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms for extra seating and storage that looks great as a standalone piece.

4. A wardrobe

It’s not uncommon for smaller apartments to be missing adequate bedroom storage space like a closet. Rather than keeping your clothes out in the open on a clothing rack—which can become an untidy eyesore faster than you would think—use a wardrobe to keep everything organized, neat, and hidden away. Depending how much room you have to work with and how much storage you need, you can get a single wardrobe, a double wardrobe, or a triple wardrobe to keep all your clothing, accessories, and outerwear in place.


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